Edmunds.com Finds Users Prefer Minimalist Site Design

Automotive information site Edmunds.com tested four possible redesigns for their homepage and found users much preferred a simple minimalist homepage similar to the approach used by Google.

“Site visitors were shown one of four Edmunds.com home pages, each created using a different design strategy. One prominently featured dramatic car photos, while another was more task-oriented. The third contained simple graphics and fewer choices, while the fourth was similar to the site’s previous home page,” Business Wire reported.

“The winning home page design is the simplest one and is reminiscent of the clean graphical experiences presented by Apple and Google,” commented Edmunds.com Chief Operating Office Seth Berkowitz. “In the course of the experiment, visitors who were shown the ‘minimalist’ version of our home page had significantly more engagement with the web site than visitors who were shown other versions.”

Edmunds is one of the top 500 sites visited in the US – ranked 462 by Alexa – I will check back in the new year to see the impact of their redesign.

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