Google Webmaster Tools Adds Redirect Links, Search Query Info

Webmaster Tools has added some major improvements to the information they provide on search queries and inbound links to redirected pages. You can now see if a link to a redirected pages has been passed – but not the juice passed – and drill deep into search queries to individual pages, the Webmaster Tools blog reported.

Both of these additions to Webmaster Tools provide some serious insights that site owners should be running to make use of. The ability to see what search terms bring visitors to each page and where the page ranks for that term, as well as the impressions and clicks of for these terms can be used to make decisions on how best to allocate resources to improving rankings.


The detailed information goes beyond what can be found in Google Analytics with even the best filters and goals set up, by including numbers from total searches and what each page gets for them. There are even filters for traffic by location – real handy to choose what areas to buy more Adwords.

The link information shows that they do pass when redirects are done – though the use of the term intermediate link also suggests they are not seen as important as direct links.

Every webmaster should be making use of these new tools.

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