Is Google Ageist, Or Do The Kids Think They Know More Than Their Parents?

I realize that some of the information Google is offering at TeachParentsTech provides invaluable simple instructions to bring people up to speed on online things many take for granted, but their presentation does seem a little ageist. Why not just call it Tech For Dummies?

Another recent post at the Google Lat Long Blog adds to the parents “don’t know” perception, titled “How to find directions online (and 50 other things you might want to teach your parents)”

Both the article and the website offer invaluable information. And the article’s author has a mother who needed help with finding directions — a great anecdotal way to inform people about ways to get more from using Google Maps and highlight one of the videos from the site.

The TeachParentsTech site is a clever idea to send simple but much needed instructions on topics categories Basics, World Wide Web, Communication, Media and Finding Information with eight videos in each that can be sent in the email. But did it have to look like a form letter sent from camp?

parent tech.JPG

Many of the “kids” at Google — hey, I’m 54 so could be — no doubt know more than their parents, but I’m pretty sure Larry Page wouldn’t be sending one of these to his parents — they taught computer science at Michigan State University, while Sergey’s father was a Math professor.

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