Jeopardy! Pitting Humans Against Computer Searching For Answers

IBM will be pitted against the two most successful Jeopardy contestants in a test to see if the computer can search its database and find the correct answer faster, the TV Show announced.

“The iconic game show announced Tuesday that it will pit Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, its all-time most successful contestants, against “Watson,” an IBM computing system, in a series of battles next year,” CNN reported.

The test of the computer is to understand the answer and find the right question in its database of information. It better be better than Google search results that often does not even list the right answer in the top few results.

After four years, our scientific team believes that Watson is ready for this challenge based on its ability to rapidly comprehend what the ‘Jeopardy!’ clue is asking, analyze the information it has access to, come up with precise answers, and develop an accurate confidence in its response,” David Ferrucci, the scientist leading the IBM Research team that has created Watson, said in a written release.

They could have just called me – I’m pretty good at Jeopardy.

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