Yahoo Video To Close March 15, 2011

Yahoo Video is no longer allowing uploads and has announced it will be deleting all videos and shuttering this product in March 15, 2011, Yahoo announced.

On December 15, 2010 the functionality to upload a video to Yahoo! Video was removed and a download utility, available through March 14, 2011, was added to users’ video profiles to allow retrieval of content. The user-generated content will be removed from Yahoo! Video on March 15, 2011. We apologize if this causes you any inconvenience,” Yahoo stated.

As TechCrunch noted: “Unable to compete with YouTube and even Facebook for traffic to its video site, it appears that Yahoo is shifting focus away from user-generated content. But it’s unclear what Yahoo Video will become. Of course, Yahoo is hoping that its photo-sharing site Flickr will become a popular destination for videos. Flickr turned on the ability to upload videos back in 2008.

Photographer Thomas Hawk criticizes Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz over her efforts for the past three years and, in particular, used Flickr and her lack of support of it, to do so. Now that Yahoo Video is being dropped and Flickr hosts them, his comments suggest the need to pay more attention to the product.

Hawk notes Flickr is “the largest well organized library of images in the world. Not only that, it has a very strong social networking component. In fact, Flickr may represent (if managed correctly) your single biggest opportunity to launch a much larger and more lucrative social network (and stock photography agency as well). Have you spent any time in any Flickr groups? They are addicting. People live in them. They play games in them. All kinds of activity goes on in them every day. And if you took the time to really explore the social side of Flickr, you’d learn this, and figure out a way to grow it.

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