Advertising On Twitter Hot Commodity To Major Brands

Seems Twitter cannot meet the demand from advertisers right now, Wired Magazine reported. The “company has signed on more than 80 of the largest brand advertisers in the country.”

“This is a problem worth having,” spokesman Matt Graves told Wired. “We’re excited about facing this challenge.”

Ford, Coke, Microsoft, Google and Verizon are just some of those advertisers, but as Wired points out it is often hard to see these promoted tweets as they are skillfully integrated into the service.

Twitter offers 3 advertising areas Promoted Trends – seems MTV and a couple of movies benefited from those – Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

Promoted Tweets are clearly labeled as “Promoted” when an advertiser is paying, but in every other respect they exist initially as regular Tweets and are organically sent to the timelines of their followers. They also retain all the functionality of a regular Tweet including replying, Retweeting, and favoriting. Promoted Tweets are displayed in search in and some of our ecosystem partners, and in user timelines for some users in”

Promoted Trends are a new advertising concept we began testing in June as an extension of our Promoted Tweets platform. With Promoted Trends, users see time-, context-, and event-sensitive trends promoted by our advertising partners. These paid Promoted Trends appear at the top of the Trending Topics list on Twitter and are clearly marked as “Promoted.”

Promoted Accounts are suggested based on a user’s public list of whom they follow. When an advertiser promotes an account, Twitter’s algorithm looks at that account’s followers and determines other accounts that those users tend to follow. If a user follows some of those accounts, but not the advertiser’s account, then Twitter may recommend the advertiser’s Promoted Account to that user. For example, a lot of people who follow several gaming-related accounts also follow @xbox. If someone follows gaming-related accounts, but not @xbox, Twitter may recommend @xbox to that user.”

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