Top YouTube Videos for Christmas 2010

Last year, we brought you Searching for Santa at SES Chicago 2009.

But this year, SES Chicago 2010 was held (thankfully) in October.

So, to wish you happy holidays this year, I’ve had to spend time looking high and low for just the perfect gifts for marketers: the top YouTube videos for Christmas 2010.

Each has a different marketing objective. The goal of the first video is to inform consumers of Holiday On Demand’s new channel on YouTube. The objective of the second video is to persuade businesses to use Excentric’s digital advertising services. And the goal of the third video is to remind people of the happy memories associated with Coca-Cola.

But all three seem to be a better use of marketing dollars than mailing out the same old corporate Christmas cards. Enjoy.

Are You In Demand This Christmas? (Holidays On Demand)


Snow Globes – Coca-Cola 2010 Christmas Commercial (long version)

All characters appearing in these videos are as old as the Scriptures or as fictitious as elves. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. And no reindeer were harmed in the making of these videos. Happy holidays.

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