Search Week in Review for January 8, 2011

Here’s a recap of this week’s columns and news stories for the week of Jan. 2 to 8, as reported by Search Engine Watch, as well as search news and tips from around the web.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Factors for 2011 by Josh McCoy
As we begin the New Year, many SEOs have their eyes set on search engine ranking factors. Here are a few areas you should pay attention to — because the engines are already sending subliminal messages.

Using Social Media to Boost Search Rankings by Guillaume Bouchard
Social media can be used for more than branding, customer service, PR, and retention. It can also be used to support your rankings in the SERPs.

Search Advertising

What You Can Expect From the World of PPC in 2011 by John Lee
Display advertising, actionable attribution, and Facebook PPC are just a few of the things we can look forward to in paid search advertising this year.

B2B Search Engine Marketing: Goals for 2011 by Derek Edmond
New challenges will bring new opportunities this year. Use these strategies to help you attain your B2B search marketing goals.

SEM Basics

How to Structure an AdWords Account — A Practical Guide by Ryan Woolley
A walk-through of some of the core components in setting up your Google AdWords account, plus tips on particular AdWords features that can help improve your program’s performance.

Analytics & ROI

Web Development: Throw Out the Cookbook, It’s Jenga Time! by Kristine Schachinger
This year, you must understand how every aspect of your website affects the other parts, as well as your SEO and organic/local results. All of it is now a big heaping pile of intertwined supports that rely on each other to determine your ROI.

Will 2011 be the Year of Conversion Rate Optimization? by Stephen Cobb
The business logic behind conversion rate optimization is compelling, yet in 2010 many businesses managed not to do much about CRO, perhaps distracted by trends like social media. But 2011 will be the year that CRO finally has something to crow about.

Campaign Overload: How Search Marketers Can Overcome Fragmentation by Matt Lawson
More platforms and formats have made managing online marketing increasingly difficult. Use these tips to help tame campaign fragmentation in 2011.

Social Media Marketing

Link Building

Local & Mobile Search

Think Global Opportunity, Act Localeze; Persistent IDs Check-in To Twitter Places by Jonathan Allen
Localeze’s ambitions to be the single management source for all local listings on the web got yet another boost yesterday. Their “Persistent ID” (PID) system has been integrated into Twitter Places alongside other services such as Gowalla and OpenTable.

Google Android E-Newsstand in Works? by Danny Goodwin
Google is reportedly looking to create a digital newsstand to run on Android smartphones and tablets. Google has initiated talks with major newspaper and magazine publishers about the venture, including Time Inc., Condé Nast, and Hearst Corp.

SMB Search Marketing

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses by Rob Chant
Small business owners: if you’re going to have a web site, make it an absolutely core component of your business. If you’re not willing to do that, drop having a web site altogether. Don’t follow the herd out of instinct.

Enterprise SEM

5 Reasons Why “Sears Blue Blogger Crew” Is A True-Blue 2011 Strategy by Jonathan Allen
Sears, one of the oldest and largest big box retailers of the 20th century, have announced a nifty 21st century marketing strategy. They are going to be sending 5 established tech bloggers to the much anticipated Consumer Electronics Show (CES) show. The 5 bloggers will be part of the “The Sears Blue Blogger Crew” according to ClickZ, which has more details on the team and assignment.

International Search

Forget Altruism: China Too Big A Prize For Google To Give Up by Frank Watson
Google CFO Patrick Pichette may have said Google wants to give the Chinese people open access to information as part of the company’s global mission, but the loss of their access to the country with the greatest number of online users is a market and profit potential they would not want to lose.

Experian Hitwise Launches Internet Measurement Service for India by Greg Jarboe
Although global marketers often dream of taming the Chinese dragon, the Indian elephant may get them farther, faster. Why? The Indian market is now more measurable.

The Search Industry

2011: The Year of Social SERPs, Bing Instant & Social Search by Brian Goffman
Here are six predictions expected to unfold from key players in search and social media this year.

The Year in Search: A Recap of the Biggest Changes and A Look Ahead by Thom Craver
After an extremely busy year in the search world, where are we headed in 2011?

Search History Helps Convict Husband Of Wife’s Murder by Frank Watson
A Wisconsin man was convicted of his wife’s murder with evidence that included his search history of the ingredients used to kill her.

Facial Expressions As Part of Search Rankings? Kinect Could Do It by Frank Watson
During the Microsoft keynote Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CEO Steve Balmer noted “everyone who is enjoying Kinect knows that today it listens to your voice, and tracks your body, but what about your facial expressions? As you can see, now Kinect can track features like your smile, your laugh, and even the raise of your eyebrows.”

Stanford QB Andrew Luck Hottest Search Term Today by Frank Watson
Search and news stories are very closely related. In this age of watching TV with laptop at hand, we tend to search for things we see on the TV – and the CES flood of internet TV applications and hardware attests to this – it is no wonder the predicted top of the NFL draft decision to stay in school would get people searching for more information.

Losing Job At Yahoo, MySpace? Macy’s Is Hiring by Frank Watson
Seems e-commerce is hiring, and some big online companies are firing Employees being cut at Yahoo and MySpace may be able to find the right fit amongst the 725 openings at Macy’s online department.

Google News

Will Google Showcase 3D TV Apps at CES 2011? by Jonathan Allen
The highly anticipated Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens in Las Vegas tomorrow. Sears’ Blue Blogger Crew will be covering the event, but what we really want to know is… what products might Google be planning to showcase?

Bing News

Will Cars Become Latest Search Platform? CES Has Some Answers by Frank Watson
Toyota and Microsoft will announce details of their partnership for its “revolutionary in-car experience” Entune which will include voice activated search using Bing through the driver’s mobile phone’s data plan.

Yahoo News

Video Marketing

YouTube Keyword Tool and Video Optimization Techniques by Greg Jarboe
Three key steps for optimizing your YouTube videos: keywords, titles, and tags.

YouTube Looks Back at the Best Video Ads of 2010 by Greg Jarboe
The YouTube Blog took an informal poll of its own team and industry reporters — including Zach Rodgers of ClickZ — to find out their favorite YouTube ads of the year.

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