More Updates for Google AdSense

Google debuted a new look for AdSense back in November, and today announced some more updates and new features. They are:

  • Page Level Metrics: By default, earnings are now viewable at the page level rather than by ad unit. Ad unit CTR and other metrics have moved to the Performance reports tab.
  • Allow and Block Ads: This drop-down selector, which shows your blocking features by product, has been updated to call out the product name.
  • Ad Unit Impressions and Queries Renamed “Ad Requests”: Google said this is to “better describe how this statistic is used for AdSense for content, AdSense for search, and other products. An ad request is recorded each time an ad unit on your site requests ads from Google’s servers (for content ads) or a search query is made (for search ads). We report an ad request each time a request was sent, even if no ads were returned and public service ads, backup ads, or no ads were displayed instead.”
  • Terms in Ad Types Section of Performance Reports Updated: Text, image, rich media, animated image, and Flash are now included. Rich media ads were previously referred to as HTML and animated images were previously called dynamic images.
  • New in AdSense for Games, Video Products: You can now create and edit channels, and see reporting.

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