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USA Today announced it was adding 250 Top Ten Places articles to its FourSquare account and its intention of adding more,

“Foursquare has been reaching out to media companies and inking partnerships over the past year, landing big-name publishers such as The Wall Street Journal. Foursquare Founder Dennis Crowley said last summer that the company has employees focused on reaching out to blogs, magazines and newspapers to encourage them to put content archives on Foursquare,” Editor and Publisher reported.

USA Today joined The New York Daily News and as publishers providing content to FourSquare.

With major news sites “checking in” it is no wonder FourSquare’s geo-location recommendation and interaction platform is growing, however “Forrester Research studies show that only about four percent of U.S. smart phone users participate in location-based social networks such as Foursquare and Gowalla, and because the user and business base is still so small, targeted offers from local merchants and restaurants can be hit or miss, notes the Los Angeles Times“.

How the program is used may not be fully tracked given its connection to Twitter and availability of shared information through its online usage beyond mobile devices. The increase in mobile usage will increase the numbers interacting through these location information sites.

As their site tells brand managers, “Foursquare Pages are your custom homepage on foursquare, the epicenter of all brand engagement. Your fans can “follow” your Page (similar to on Twitter), allowing them to see Tips you’ve left around the world. Your Page can be customized to include your brand imagery, links to other websites, and can be located at a custom URL for your brand (“”)”

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