Search Week in Review for Jan. 15, 2011

Here’s a recap of this week’s columns and news stories for the week of Jan. 9 to 15, as reported by Search Engine Watch, as well as search news and tips from around the web.

Search Engine Optimization

Stop Making the 6 Biggest SEO Mistakes by Simon Heseltine
Have you fallen victim to these search engine optimization pitfalls in the past? If so, it’s time to correct them. Now.

Quit Obsessing On Anchor Text Already by Adam Audette
Instead of creating links with exact-match anchor text, work hard to build great, unique content and resources that are real contributions on the web. Provide value that builds links over time based on its own merit.

6 Ways to Sculpt Your Site’s Link Equity by Eric Enge
Want to see a significant impact on rankings and traffic? Here are a few ways you can use link equity to help pages rank for particular search queries.

Search Advertising

Google Product Listing Ads vs. Text Ads by Greg Habermann
The results of our Product Listing Ad tests. How did they stack up against the common Google text ads? An e-commerce case study.

5 AdWords Tips for Monitoring Your Trademarks — A Client’s Success Story by Grant Crowell
Some valuable legal information that every search marketer, and especially those advertising using Google AdWords, should pay attention to.

How Consumer Latency Affects Your Search Campaigns by Jason Tabeling
When thinking about your paid search spend or launching a new campaign, it’s important to understand how latency impacts your sales. Learn how to use this data to your advantage.

Search and Display — Piece by Piece in 2011 by Roger Barnette
Marketers must begin pulling together pieces from search and display to build a holistic picture and approach. Some notes and tips on search and display advertising.

AdWords Updates: Search Ad Display URL Changes; Negative Keywords Lists by Danny Goodwin
The domain portion of your display URL for all ads appearing on Google’s search results pages will begin appearing in all lowercase letters within the next week, Google announced yesterday. Standardizing the look of the URLs improved click-through rates, according to Google’s Lisa Shieh.

More Updates for Google AdSense by Danny Goodwin
Google debuted a new look for AdSense back in November, and today announced some more updates and new features.

SEM Basics

10 Tips for Top Business Blogging by Kevin Gibbons
Is your business blog ready to work in 2011? Read on for some top tips for blogging success.

Analytics & ROI

Social Media Marketing

Are You Losing Out On Targeted Social Media Traffic? by Kaila Strong
An overview of the top social media referrer sites, and a few best practices to help you in your social media marketing efforts.

Bubble Bubble, Boil and Trouble: Is Facebook Stirring Tech Bubble? by Frank Watson
Seems talk of another tech bubble occurring in the stock market has been making the rounds of numerous publications.

Link Building

Is Link Relevance as Effective as Anchor Text? by Kristi Hines
Obtaining links from high authority pages will increase your site’s authority. Here’s how to find pages with strong relevance to the keywords for which you want to rank.

Local & Mobile Search

Will Search Drive Mobile Ad Revenues? by Michael Boland
With increasing search volume, combined with higher CTRs and CPCs than desktop search, it becomes a matter of arithmetic to plot a fairly healthy roadmap for mobile search ad revenue.

iPhone 4: Trouble on the Verizon for Google Android? by Danny Goodwin
The iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon. So Google’s Android operating system is totally doomed now, right? That’s what some experts seem to think.

Google Goggles Now Solves Sudoku For You by Danny Goodwin
Google today released a new “faster and smarter” version of image search app Google Goggles for Android. In addition to boasting better barcode/QR scanning and recognition of print ads in newspapers and magazines, Goggles 1.3 also solves Sudoku puzzles.

Foursquare Quietly Posts New Rules by Frank Watson
Foursquare has added an updated Dos and Don’ts list in their “house rules” page. “The guidelines set by our community for how to make the most of foursquare and have the most fun,” the site calls them.

USA Today Foursquare Partnership Smart Social Review Play by Frank Watson
USA Today announced it was adding 250 Top Ten Places articles to its Foursquare account and its intention of adding more.

SMB Search Marketing

International Search

15 Ways To Avoid Wasting Money In International Rollouts by Andy Atkins-Krüger
Looking to expand your business overseas? Make your life easier and save money with these top tips.

UK SEO Spend Increases 16% in 2010 by Frank Watson
UK spending on SEO efforts for 2010 saw a 16% increase compared to 2009 numbers, an eConsultancy report noted.

Germany Threatens to Fine Companies That Use Google Analytics by Danny Goodwin
Concluding that Google hasn’t adequately complied with their demands, German data protection officials are warning that web companies in the country could face a “steep fine” if they use Google Analytics.

Google Promoting Geotargeted Ads In Europe As EU Antitrust Investigation Continues by Frank Watson
Google is increasing its mobile ad sales team in Europe and promoting opportunities with geo-targeting, as European antitrust investigators ask advertisers whether Google suggested increased spending with the company would result in improved visibility in its search results.

EU Asks Advertisers: Does Google Manipulate Its Search Results? by Danny Goodwin
Hey, advertisers in the European Union. Does Google give you better organic results if you spend more in AdWords, or have they promised you higher rankings if you spend a little more? The European Commission (EC) wants to know all about it.

Google Facing Fines In South Korea, Adding To WiFi Collection Problems by Frank Watson
The South Korean government said Google had violated privacy collecting “e-mails and other personal information from unsecured wireless networks while it took photos of neighborhoods in South Korea for its Street View mapping service between October 2009 and May 2010.”

Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance Expands to 3 More Countries by Danny Goodwin
Microsoft is now serving Yahoo’s organic search results in three new countries,

The Search Industry

Ham Wars: How Search Impacts Your Dinner Table by Eli Goodman
Search marketing opportunities abound for food manufacturers and retailers to acquire customers online. But they need to consider the logistics further down the purchase funnel if they intend to keep them.

77% of Americans Oppose Government Regulation of Search Engines [Survey] by Danny Goodwin
A majority of Americans oppose government regulation of search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, according to a new Rasmussen national telephone survey. Seventy-seven percent of adults said the government has no business regulating search engine results, while 11 percent were for it, and 12 percent were undecided.

Wikipedia Celebrates its 10th Anniversary by Greg Jarboe
It’s hard to believe but today is Wikipedia’s 10th birthday. The “multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project” was created on January 15, 2001.

Google News

Google Buys eBook Technologies, Is Reader On Way Or Maybe GPad by Frank Watson
Speculation that Google plans on creating an electronic book reader were given more fuel with the company’s acquisition of eBook Technologies – “a company that specializes in both hardware and content distribution for electronic readers,”

HTML5 Codec Support New Browser War Or Google Edict? by Frank Watson
Google announced it will cease supporting H.264 – one of the major codecs for the HTML5 video platform.

Larry Page Buys $45 Million Superyacht by Danny Goodwin
Google co-founder Larry Page bought himself a luxury yacht last month, for a reported €35 million ($45 million). Page bought the swank yacht called Senses last month from rich New Zealand businessman Sir Douglas Myers.

Only 1 US Auto Company In Top Ten Car Make Searches Last 30 Days by Frank Watson
In a post on the Official Google Blog the company congratulated the auto industry on a strong start to the new year and linked to the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Bing News

Yahoo News News

Video Marketing News

YouTube Now Exceeds 200 Million Views a Day on Mobile by Greg Jarboe
Yesterday, the YouTube Blog buried its lead. Midway through a post that proclaimed “Music videos now on YouTube app for Android,” was the really important news for marketers: “YouTube now exceeds 200 million views a day on mobile, a 3x increase in 2010.”

34.7 Million Internet Users in the U.K. Watched 6 Billion Videos in November 2010 by Greg Jarboe
With SES London 2011 just around the corner, comScore today announced that 34.7 million Internet users in the U.K. watched 6 billion videos in November 2010. That’s an average of 173 videos a month per British viewer.

How to Upload YouTube Videos Using Drag and Drop by Danny Goodwin
For those using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox, YouTube just made it easier to upload videos with a simple drag and drop option. When using either of the HTML5-powered browsers, you can now drag multiple videos from your desktop to anywhere on YouTube’s Video File Upload page.

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