Hotpot Adds Preferred Friend Filter For Location Recommendations

Google is working hard to push Hotpot as a competitor to FourSquare and other location based social networking sites. They just announced a filter that lets you select specific friends opinions for specific types of searches.

If you want one particular friend’s input on Italian restaurants or another on sports bars, Hotpot now allows you the ability. “The challenge with finding those great places is that each of us has different tastes. I want to find places I like and I want to find them quickly. So when I’m overwhelmed with possibilities, I turn to sources I can trust.” the LatLong blog explained.

By adding these filters. Hotpot is trying to gain popularity in this fast growing space. If Google grabs a coupon company. like they tried to do with Groupon, these types of filters would give them a possible edge.

Search and social is a big topic these days, everyone is trying to make that viral mashup that will push their offering to the top.

The filters are also available Google Maps for Mobile on Android.

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