Disastrous Pilot Puts Eric Schmidt’s TV Career on Hiatus

Google’s Eric Schmidt was looking at expanding his career horizons before it was announced he will step down as chief executive officer to make way for Larry Page, the New York Post reported. Anonymous sources told the always reliable Page Six team that Schmidt was working with CNN’s “Parker Spitzer” executive producer Liza McGuirk to develop a show starring himself as host.

“Eric Schmidt has been looking for a TV job for over a year,” a CNN insider told the Post. “But the pilot he filmed with Liza was a complete disaster.”

As word of Schmidt’s rumored show spread, comments and Twitter users were eager to help, offering suggestions for a show title:

  • “Holy Schmidt!”
  • “My Show is the Schmidt”
  • “Schmidt Happens”
  • “I’m Getting Too Old For This Schmidt”
  • “I Schmidt You Not”
  • “Who Gives a Schmidt?”
  • “The Schmidt Storm”

Sadly, nobody suggested “Schmidt My CEO Says!” Or perhaps he could host a reality dance show competition called “Just Move!

Despite his hopes of landing a TV gig, it appears the Chairman won’t be straying far from Google. At the DLD media conference in Munich today, Schmidt said he is “very personally excited about my next decade at Google.”

Google has already given the outgoing CEO a $100 million equity award that vests over four years. So despite some early speculation that predicted Schmidt would be gone within a year of stepping down as CEO, that scenario is looking less likely.

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