Prostitutes Using Facebook For Marketing

A Columbia University professor has published a report that found New York City prostitutes are using Facebook to find clients, Wired Magazine reported. Seems the internet are the new streets that are being walked.

“According to the survey the use of social media and other technologies has completely altered the trade on the ground, how it is marketed, client screening, income generation and safety. Facebook and other social tools are being use to friend clients, screen and negotiate,’ Columbia University sociology professor Sudhir Venkatesh wrote.

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Craigslist was once used as a place for sex workers to advertisers until a number of state Attorney Generals pressured them to handover information of advertisers and eventually the online classified site dropped their Erotic Services listings.

With this study being published, one has to wonder when the same state AGs will be contacting Facebook and how CEO Mark Zuckerberg will address the situation. As can be seen by the example to the left there are a lot of listings. Though joiing the groups or liking the pages does not seem to be a smart move.

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