Sony Wants Google To Give Info On Commenters, Viewers Of PS3 Hack Video

Sony has gone to court to have Google give them access to information of viewers and the people who have commented on a private YouTube video that shows how to jailbreak their PS3, Slashdot reported.

PS3 had been not been fully hacked until recently, but now that there is a full fledged jailbreak available Sony is aggressively prosecuting anyone posting or distributing the hack. “The game maker is also demanding that Twitter provide the identities of a host of hackers who first unveiled a limited version of the hack in December,” Wired reported.

“Sony’s aggressive pretrial discovery demands come in its lawsuit against George Hotz. The 21-year-old New Jersey hacker, who is well known in the jailbreaking community, published the finished PlayStation 3 code and a how-to YouTube video last month. The code enables the Playstation 3 to play pirated and homebrewed games,” Wired noted.

Sony is trying to get the information from Google and Twitter to track down all instances of sharing of the jailbreak information online and to send them DMCA notices and take them to court if necessary.

Hotz took down his video and the information on his website, as per court order, and will surrencer his computer equipment to Sony this week.

“The DMCA makes it either a civil or criminal offense to traffic in wares meant to circumvent devices protecting copyrighted works. Ironically, performing a similar hack on a mobile phone is lawful,” Wired noted..

Interestingly, LG Electronics lodged a patent infringement claim against the console for its use of the Blu-Ray technology which LG has a patent for.

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