Google Android Music Store Closer to a Reality

A Google music service has been rumored and reported on for a while now. Those speculations have been surfacing more and more in recent weeks.

We already have seen video of the new music app. However, the latest stories have Google tying their iTunes competitor with the launch of Android Honeycomb, the 3.0 release of Google’s mobile operating system. However, the Honeycomb launch event was two weeks ago and there was nothing in the festivities about a music search.

Earlier this week, however, Motorola’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, made mention of one saying, “If you look at Google Mobile services today, there’s a video service, there’s a music service … that is, there will be a music service.”
That all but confirms the rumors. The next question is when will this happen? The Xoom will officially launch next week on February 24th as the first tablet running Honeycomb. If this would-be music service is tied to the latest Android version, we should likely know by month’s end.

A music service is truly the last major hurdle Google must face to truly compete with the Apple in the mobile market space. However, unlike iTunes, the yet unnamed Google music service is further rumored to be cloud-based and not tied to an application like iTunes. This begs the question, will the service include song downloads, or merely streaming music?

Earlier this week, Billboard reported on a few of Google’s Android execs had ties to the music industry, many being former VPs at companies like EMI, Rhapsody and Universal Music Group.

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