Bing Adds Tiles to Search Results

Bing is rolling out a new “tiles” feature in its SERPs. Bing Director Stefan Weitz revealed the arrival of the new “visual indicator” in an interview with SEOmoz.

Bing has not yet made an official announcement, but I’m seeing this in Bing’s results. The tile is basically a small box to the right of the organic result with data pulled from select “trusted” or “authoritative” websites (e.g., IMDb’s user rating, or Rotten Tomatoes “fresh rating”).

For example, if you search Bing for the movie “Unknown,” you’ll see this:


If you hover over the tiles, Bing’s flyout will open and offer some more information from the site highlighted in the tile:


Similarly, if you do a search for [flights to new york city], you’ll get boxes for Bing partners such as, Travelocity, and Expedia:


Weitz said Bing is “going to be pulling in metadata from those sites. … We know people actually are able to figure out the results they’re looking for if you append some kind of visual cue onto the page.”

There are 45 tile partners in entertainment, local, travel, and auto categories. Partner sites include: IMDb, Yahoo Movies, Rotten Tomatoes, OpenTable, Yelp, CitySearch, Urban Spoon, Cheap Flights, YouTube, MTV,, Rhapsody, Pandora, and MSN, ReadWriteWeb reported.

The tiles are not paid/sponsored advertisements, and don’t have an impact on organic search results, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

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