Google Enhancing Oscar Night Viewing With 3D Venues, Flying Red Carpets

Google is making use of its virtual tour abilities in Maps to provide Oscar fans with a walk through of the Kodak Theatre where the event is held and 3D models of “the Red Carpet, Hollywood and Highland Center, and the Kodak Theatre.”

The Academy Awards show is one of those major events that cross over many demographics and have an international following – like the Superbowl that took place just two weeks ago. YouTube already has some of the ads that will be playing – including the Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Beiber one from the Superbowl with an alternative ending chosen by Facebook voters.

As the New York Times notes “the total revenue for the show could be as much as $70 million — not as much as the estimated $200 million that Fox took in on Sunday for the broadcast of Super Bowl XLV, but still a nice chunk of change”.

If you are curious as to who will win, Google offers insights through seeing Search Trends.

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