Is Google Reaching Out To Sites With Analytics To Replace AdSense Losses?

So I got an email from Google today asking me to sign my sites up for AdSense, the interesting thing is it came from AdSense but was addressed to me as a Google Analytics user.

Guess the algorithm change to remove content farms has left Google’s income stream from AdSense falling a little short.

analytics email.JPG

The letter went on to show how adding AdSense to popular exit pages help one of their publisher’s sites make more money.

“A great example of using Analytics and AdSense can be seen in how, on its network, has monetized its top exit pages. SavetzPublishing was looking for a way to optimize their ad placement, without having a negative impact on their core users. SavetzPublishing used Analytics to identify their top exit pages and AdSense to display ads on these pages. Kevin Savetz, the owner of SavetzPublishing and FreePrintable, quickly realized that this advertising did not have a negative impact on his site’s core users. Instead, as he describes, these ads provide ‘a means of monetizing traffic that would already be leaving. My users are still happy and getting relevant content.'”

So I guess they see who is not using AdSense and are now email spamming us to get more publishers to replace the ones lost in the change.

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