Adobe & Conductor Team-Up to Monitor SEO ROI Alongside PPC

Adobe SearchCenter has been updated to integrate organic search data, such that ROI from SEO campaigns can be measured directly alongside PPC data in a single interface. The combined intelligence should enable Adobe SearchCenter customers to maximise revenue from both channels by making it easier to identify and test complimentary PPC and SEO strategies.

The new capability has been launched in partnership with Conductor’s Searchlight platform and signals the first ever 2-way integration between Adobe SearchCenter and another SEO data provider. But that’s not all – to enable this two-way integration with Adobe’s Genesis program, Conductor built the SEO Cloud, which stores all Searchlight data on the web, such that it can integrate with other third party applications to provide SEO data to them and empower a new generation of ‘closed-loop analytics’ services.

Closed Loop Analytics
“The SEO Cloud is a major evolution for search professionals, both paid and natural and marketers in general,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor. “We are excited to be the SEO partner for Adobe SearchCenter+, and look forward to our joint customers leveraging this new technology to drive material revenue growth in 2011.”


Closed loop analytics is not a new concept and is already provided by companies such as BrightEdge and Optify, but Searchlight is the first SEO platform to enable third parties to mashup it’s data. Furthermore the Adobe/Conductor partnership is the first of it’s kind to form an official API partnership that integrates in both directions – directly within the SearchCenter analytics interface and push SiteCatalyst data into the Searchlight interface. One of the key advantages is that all three products will update in the same product development cycle and promises to be more secure.

“The ability to monitor and compare the ranking, competition and ROI on marketing across natural and paid terms is extremely valuable and offers the potential to uncover new search strategies and revenue opportunities,” said John Mellor, vice president, strategy and business development, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe. “Customers use SearchCenter+ to collectively manage more than $1 billion of the global paid search spend. Adobe now helps search marketers ensure that their paid search initiatives do not compete with or cannibalize the search volume they’re already receiving from natural search.”

The entire 2-way integration and benefits are listed below.

Conductor Searchlight is pulling data from SiteCatalyst:

  • Enhanced reporting and insight whilst proving the ROI of SEO programs.
  • Track the ROI and business impact of every SEO program and campaign.
  • Discover high value keyword & revenue opportunities from your web analytics data.
  • Combine SEO metrics and business metrics together in one single platform.

Adobe SearchCenter is pull data from Conductor Searchlight

  • Leverage Conductor’s organic search data to build efficient and cost effective automated bidding rules.
  • Measure paid and organic rank, onsite engagement or conversions in one report.
  • Use performance of natural search to automatically adjust paid search bids.
  • Gain insight into new keywords to bid on.
  • Understand how competitors are taking search traffic volume and counter with natural and paid strategies.

The most exciting part of the integration announcement is the fact that new PPC bidding rules can conceivably be created to compliment SEO campaigns, counter competitor SEO tactics, and also ensure that the two strategies do not cannibalize the benefits of the other. For example:

  • Automatically change my bids on my paid terms based on my organic rank OR my competitors organic ranking change
  • Change bids on paid terms based on TOTAL revenue from paid and organic search.
  • Change bids on paid terms based on a revenue spike organic search.
  • Comparing investment in SEO
    Another distinct advantage of a single integrated interface is one that Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik has been champinioning for a long time – that CMOs, agencies and in-house marketing executives who have been struggling to raise the profile of the benefits of their SEO campaigns to budget holders. The seamless integration should make it easier for every team to compare performance and calculate value.

    Top 500 Internet Retailer, Vintage Tub & Bath, was one of the first to implement the integrate Adobe SiteCenter and Conductor Searchlight in the SEO Cloud.

    “There’s no question that natural search drives a significant amount of traffic in our business. Now with Conductor Searchlight and the SEO Cloud, we’re able to prove the success of natural search throughout the organization – while increasing the value of other marketing vehicles by making search visibility metrics available to make them more efficient”, said Jason Puso, CEO.

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