International Women’s Day 2011 Google Doodle

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8. This year marks the Day’s 100th anniversary and Google is helping women worldwide organize on bridges this year. Now Google is reminding everyone about the day with an International Women’s Day Doodle, which has already appeared in selected countries, including Australia, Taiwan, India, and even Hong Kong.


International Women’s Day is a celebration of women that ranges from culture to culture, remembering women’s achievements socially, economically and politically. While women have made major strides toward equality, recent economic and employment numbers show other there is still a long way to go.

The New York Times reports that private sector jobs are up over half a million, but women’s jobs are down by 141,000 and the unemployment rate for women has risen slightly, while men’s jobless rate has dropped slightly.

Typically, custom Google logos (called Doodles) are linked to a search result page about the Doodle’s topic. For International Women’s Day, Google has linked to their event page, to create more awareness for day’s events.

A Google map of the world contains clickable pins where you can register to participate in a bridge gathering event. Google announced their participation in International Women’s Day 2011 last month via their blogs, encouraging people to organize on bridges to recognize the challenges women continue to face around the world.

Google’s efforts are not limited to the logo redesign. They also include a YouTube video, map showing organizers and even an entire “Join Me on the Bridge” event toolkit.

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