Yandex Delivers Geo-Targeted Results For Russia

Yandex search suggestions are now based on a user’s location. While Yandex previously offered some locally relevant search suggestions, now all of them are based on where the user lives.

The search suggestions appear in the same bar but our broken out by city. The example below searches Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Perm:


The purpose is purported to be more than one of caching results, of which search suggestions play a useful role in reducing server load and improving site speed:

“This function allows tracking the difference in users’ interests from city to city. So, the users in Moscow searching for paper more often than not want to find printer paper, and the paper that the users in Saint Petersburg need is an embossed kind, while those who live in Perm look for Snegurochka, a specific brand of office paper.”

We’re not sure why paper needs differ so widely from city to city – can anyone explain? Is this rooted in a culture reality or is Yandex taking user intent data a bit too far?

If paper needs across Russia truly vary from city to city, we would love to see other examples in which requirements for commodities change from region to region.

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