5 Reasons Why Topsy Demands a Second Look

Topsy.com, a market leading real-time search engine, has recently entered the realm of real-time video search.

1. New Video Search Feature

Topsy trending videos provides the top 100, 1000, 5000 videos for each day in a chronological stream. as with other topsy trends (web, tweet, photo) trending videos are the most popular videos shared by influential users within the first 24 hours of their release.

The video search is not your run-of-the-mill type in your keyword and see related results, oh no, it’s much more. Topsy Video Search does that, but it also will show top socially ranked videos; similar to other Topsy search tools. The trending videos are ranked by several factors including Topsy Influence.


Unlike other social search engines, Topsy has a handle on influence of users, trends (based of trend-worthy users), and social signals. What Topsy does is sort out which social media profiles and posts deserve to be ranked, by replies, it is the measure of how many people listen to you when you say something. Unlike other lesser-known competitors, Topsy holds onto the social data forever, which is what needs to be done when the intention is to value the power of influence.

2. Real-time Influence-based Social Search Features:

    1. Web search


    1. Tweets


    1. Photos


    1. Video


    1. Twitter Profiles or “Experts”


    1. Trending


The experts search is a way to find authority twitter users on any topic you choose. This is one of my favorite Topsy features. Looking through company personnel for active twitter users, or, looking at breaking news topics for things like the ‘Minnesota Twins’ (at time of writing) shows fresh news results from Twitter. As application and program developers start to better understand how to use Twitter to deliver the news, Topsy could prove a key piece of the puzzle through API’s and pre-existing technology.


3. Social Analytics Tool
Just a few weeks ago, Topsy announced: Social Analytics Captures Trending Links“, a handy new social trending tool. The tool has a lot of value for publishers and the results actually have integrity beyond one company; such as Google or YouTube, meaning the results are not taken from Topsy searches (as they are with Google Trends). Plus, queries do not need an astronomical amount of searches to see results with integrity.

4. Topsy’s Social Modules
For publishers looking to monetize sites beyond those boring old adsense methods, Topsy introduced the social modules in January of this year. Similar to Facebook widgets, Topsy social modules allow users to set up widgets for their site and display relevant social media mentions with sporadic ads. Users can monetize simply by displaying the most relevant social media content on their site. The amount paid depends on your site’s traffic, the geography of users, and the category of ads being served.


5. Topsy API
Topsy.com was created using the Otter API. A RESTful HTTP web service, the Otter API provides results for Topsy search and the data available for anyone who wants it. In fact, almost anything on the site is readily available for developers. A handful of social media tools are already completed, such as SocialMediaFight.com, Twitterd, and Topsy Instant.

Topsy has raised nearly $30 million in funding since 2008 and the latest feature updates position it well for future success. Could Topsy be to social media posts, users, and trends what Google was to web search in 1998?

Overall, Topsy makes finding authoritative Twitter profiles extremely easy with Topsy, monitoring trends on social media is easier than anywhere else, and that’s exactly why users should not just run a basic web search to formulate an opinion about Topsy.

Use each feature, look at the results, take the results in, and then formulate your opinion. Have a go yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

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