Google Apologizes Again For Buzz As FTC Settlement Is Reached

Google Buzz launched last year, it quickly met security issues. Those issues, in turn, led to millions of dollars in fines, a downward PR spiral and a contributed significantly to the general distrust of Google, especially in Europe. It also led Google to immediately change how sharing worked in its products.

Thumbnail image for google buzz logo.JPGIn a blog post today, Google publicly apologized again for “the mistakes [they] made with Buzz,” describing the privacy incidents surrounding at launch as falling short of Google’s “usual standards for transparency and user control.”

In those past 13 months, Google has faught legal battles and jump through hoops for Federal regulators who continued to want “more detail about what went wrong” and now Google “could prevent it from happening again.” Today, the matter has been settled with the United States Federal Trade Commission.

As a punishment, Google has agreed to the FTC’s requirement to put together a “comprehensive privacy program.” Google must also submit to independent privacy inspections every two years for the next 20 years.

Interestingly enough, the day the dust settles on the alleged Google-FTC Safe Harbor Framework violations, Google has released their new Google +1 social sharing service, designed to help people share searches and other Websites and also reorder Web site rankings on their shared search results.

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