Adwords Adds Contextual Targeting to Display Network, Refreshes Language Targeting

Apart from Plus1, Google has been busy this week rolling out a number of feature additions including contextually targeted content advertising and a refresher of language targeting were two that should be noted.

Many of you use contextual targeting on the Google Display Network to reach potential customers as they read web content directly related to your products or services. To date, you’ve been able to do this by specifying keywords that work together to show your ads on relevant webpages. This week, you’ll also be able to specify topics to contextually target your ads to pages in the Google Display Network. With this additional contextual targeting option, you’ll be able to select from over 1,750 topics and sub-topics to target your ads, helping you quickly reach a broad audience across the web that’s actively engaged with content related to your business,” the Adwords blog reported.

“Currently, your ad appears only when the user’s interface language matches the targeted language. This means that your ad won’t necessarily appear when a user searches for a keyword in the language that you’re targeting, if the user’s interface is in another language.

For example, if you sell motorcycles in the United States using the keyword motorcycles, and you target only the English language, your ads won’t appear to bilingual users who search for motorcycles but do so within a Spanish interface. Especially when targeting a geographic area with bilingual residents, targeting multiple interface languages can help your ad appear in front of as many potential customers as possible,” the language refresher post noted.

This has always been an area many in house marketers have overlooked. As my friend Nacho Hernandez, co-founder of the popular MexGrocer, made me aware when targeting the Hispanic audience in the United States.

The new contextual targeting via categories helps build sites to exclude and sites to add to site targeting. “As with other targeting options on our Display Network, contextual targeting by topic supports all ad formats, such as text, display, video, and rich media, as well as all our bidding options, such as cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM), and cost-per-acquisition (CPA). In addition, you still have access to URL-level reporting and other tools such as the Conversion Optimizer.”

They are two points I would plus1.

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