Search Week in Review for April 2, 2011

Here’s a recap of this week’s columns and news stories for the week of March 27 to April 2, as reported by Search Engine Watch.

Search Engine Optimization

Old Black Hat SEO Tricks Still Work by Peter van der Graaf
This article is all about unethical SEO. Hopefully you don’t have any practical use for it. Search Engine Watch assumes no responsibility when you end up being banned from Google!

4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging by Derek Edmond
Here are four ideas and supporting examples for B2B corporate blog writing, designed to target specific audiences, help achieve marketing goals, and build links for SEO campaigns.

Search Advertising

Easier Negative Keyword Management in AdWords by Duncan Parry
Google introduced a useful addition to AdWords that potentially makes managing negative keywords across multiple campaigns a lot easier. Here’s how to get the most out of them.

5 Ways to Push Through the Proverbial PPC Wall by John Lee
Ideas for how you can press on and find new and exciting ways to maximize your PPC performance when you feel there is nowhere else to go.

Adwords Adds Contextual Targeting to Display Network, Refreshes Language Targeting by Frank Watson
Google has been busy this week rolling out a number of feature additions including contextually targeted content advertising and a refresher of language targeting were two that should be noted.

Analytics & ROI

3 Advanced Approaches to Web Analytics Tagging by Garry Przyklenk
Go beyond the basics and status quo of analytics tagging when tracking website visitors. Use these tactics.

When Paid Search Marketing & Business Operations Come Together by Ryan Woolley
The combined power of business operations and empirical marketing data is powerful and is a win for the entire business. A real life example of why it pays off to meticulously analyze your paid search data.

Data Silos May Impede Conversion Rate Optimization by Stephen Cobb
Testing tells us that website visitors convert best when you use everything you know about them to customize content. But if some of the things you know are stuck in silos that could be a problem.

Social Media Marketing

How to Target Affluent Facebook Users by Merry Morud
Facebook is an amazing targeting instrument for marketers who know how to use it and think outside the box. Cha-ching!

LinkedIn: 5 Useful Tips to Leverage the Waking Giant by Jason Cormier
Quickly ramp up your LinkedIn strategy with these five pieces of advice.

Link Building

PR-SEO Mythbusting for Better Link Building by Jeremy Bencken
This letter is designed to be something an SEO can give their PR firm to help them understand the changes they should make to dramatically increase the number of links their effort yields.

B2B Link Building Queries for Industry Engagers and Content Marketers by Garrett French
Introducing two more categories of phrases that can unlock link building opportunities in B2B link prospecting.

What if JC Penney Link Buying is Just the American Way? by Jonathan Allen
British SEO tools company, Linkdex, has released data to Search Engine Watch that suggests, in their assessment, that JC Penney’s link buying strategy was simply just good business sense.

Local Search

Improve Your Organic Rankings With Google Places, Part 2 by Dave Davies
A step-by-step guide to help you better understand how to enter/edit the information for your Places page and send good SEO signals to Google to improve your rankings.

Google Places Goes Instant by Brent Rangen
Places Search is the latest Google property to add Instant results.

Mobile Search

Google, Mastercard, Citigroup Join Forces for Smartphone Payments by Danny Goodwin
Mastercard and Citigroup are teaming with Google to further Google’s mobile payment ambitions using near-field communication technology on Android phones.

Google Group Messaging App’s Personal Disco Rooms Too Little? by Frank Watson
The launch of Disco – Google Slide’s group messaging app for smartphones seems like another social tool from the company denying its importance. Not that this one rocks the space and have people running to install.

Enterprise SEM

SEO Training: The Cornerstone of Successful Enterprise SEO Campaigns by Ray “Catfish” Comstock
Which members of your internal team need training, and what that training needs to cover in order to successfully scale SEO across an enterprise-level organization.

International Search

Mobile Search in BRIC: Tips and Tricks by Christian Arno
Word is spreading about the rapid rise of the mobile Internet across the world, and nowhere more so than in the BRIC countries (the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China).

Is the Google Pandapocalypse Near for the UK and Beyond? by Danny Goodwin
It’s now been more than a month since Google’s Panda update rolled out in the U.S. Here are some ways that sites outside of the U.S. can prepare.

Baidu Following Google’s Lead With Browser, Mobile OS? by Danny Goodwin
Baidu, which already dominates China’s search engine market share, seems to be looking beyond search, testing a new web browser and planning to develop a new mobile operating system.

Chinese Portal Sina Drops Google As Search Provider by Thom Craver
Sina is in the process of dropping Google in favor of their own search service, thereby diminishing Google’s Chinese presence even further.

Search Industry

10+ Points About Google +1 by Jonathan Allen
Google +1 hit the press yesterday and many are wondering whether Google can get a truly social product off the ground. However, the product announcement is more of an invitation to join an experiment rather than a Google-wide launch.

Google +1: Not Really Social, All About Business by Frank Watson
One hopes the new tagging element rolled out by Google this week is really not their interpretation of social networking and just another attempt to get its users to do some of their heavy lifting.

Google Apologizes Again For Buzz As FTC Settlement Is Reached by Thom Craver
Google has agreed to the FTC’s requirement to put together a “comprehensive privacy program.” Google must also submit to independent privacy inspections every two years for the next 20 years.

Microsoft Complaint Outlines 6 Reasons Why Google is a Monopoly by Brent Rangen
Microsoft today filed a formal complaint in Brussels accusing Google of curating a monopoly of the search market and unfairly promoting their own products.

Google Commerce Search 3.0 Brings Big Brains to Smaller Shops by Jonathan Allen
Google announced Commerce Search 3.0 yesterday. In essence, this is a massive update to their search solution for e-commerce sites.

‘Scam’ Keyword Suggestions Vanish from Google Autocomplete by Brent Rangen
Google’s autocomplete feature no longer contains the word scam.

Gmail Plans for More Intuitive Ads by Brent Rangen
Google is planning for higher quality Gmail ads; more targeted, useful, and tailored towards desires.

Bunsen Burner Doodle Honors Inventor’s 200th Birthday by Frank Watson
In recognition of Robert Bunsen’s 200th birthday, Google has honored the inventor with a Doodle – March 31st – and is showing on the Google homepage for countries where it is already that day.

Is YouTube, Google Account Merging Another Step Towards Social Platform? by Frank Watson
If you have a YouTube account and it is not tied to a Google account you may not be able to log in in a few weeks, according to the YouTube blog.

Bing Search Innovations for Browser and Mobile by Thom Craver
I met up with Stefan Weitz, Director of Bing Search who showed me some pretty neat features. Bing has been making moves that have gone widely under the radar.

Bing Tests New Homepage Layout by Danny Goodwin
Bing’s homepage may be getting a new look — and the new layout is a bit reminiscent of Google’s current homepage.

Bing Adds Venue Maps, Features 148 Malls by Thom Craver
Bing now have detailed maps for 148 enclosed shopping malls across the U.S. and have no plans on stopping.

Yahoo Search Direct: Still (Barely) Hanging Onto Search by Danny Goodwin
So Yahoo is still in search. We found that out last week as they hyped the arrival of their latest search “innovation” that they call Search Direct.

5 Reasons Why Topsy Demands a Second Look by Brent Rangen, a market leading real-time search engine, has recently entered the realm of real-time video search.

April Fools’ Day

April Fools Pranks 2011 – Google, Hulu, Groupon and more! #aprilfools by Thom Craver
Continuing its tradition of making the world smile with faux products and service hoaxes, Google has a barrage of novelty in store for April Fools 2011.

April Fools: The Top 5 Viral Pictures of YouTube 1911 by Greg Jarboe
YouTube has a tradition of celebrating April Fools Day as only the the largest worldwide video-sharing community can. Today, YouTube is highlighting the “Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911.”

Google Japan Forgoes April Fools For 2011 by Thom Craver
It’s not a joke. Google Japan is postponing April Fool’s Day until next year.

Bamboo Update Restores Sites Dropped by Google Panda by Thom Craver
Although it was targeted toward sites lacking good content, many quality sites were also affected by Google’s Panda update last February. Now, over a month later, it appears Google has a reinclusion process in place.

SES Conference & Expo

The Significant Seven: Top Videos from SES New York 2011 by Greg Jarboe
If you didn’t attend the leading search and social marketing event, then you can still watch what could be called, “The Significant Seven,” the top videos from last week’s must-attend event.

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