Google Video Playback Ends This Month

Over the weekend, Google sent an email to Google Video users announcing that videos will not be available to view after April 29. Content owners won’t be able to access their videos in any way as of May 13.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who have had content there. Google stopped allowing new uploads last May.

Google_Video_logo.pngGoogle has been criticized by some for getting their hands in too many projects and seemingly forgetting about their original product, search. In what seems ironic due to the criticism they’ve received, Google says the reason for closing down Google Video is that they want to focus more on improving their process for searching the web for video content, rather than providing their own service for hosting. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Google also happens to own YouTube, the largest video sharing service on the Net.

Google isn’t leaving their Google Video users high and dry. If you have a Google Video account and are worried about losing your content, there is a download utility on your video status page. In the last column of your video list is a link to download the video. This link will be active and available until May 13.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download the content in the original format you uploaded. The download tool will only give you your video in Flash Video (flv) format.

Google concludes the email announcement suggesting Google video users move their content to YouTube.

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