Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Blames iPad For US Job Losses

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-Il.) told Congress Friday iPads were to blame for thousands of US job losses because of its ability to stop book and newspaper printing. Speaking in Congress, Jackson – son of Rev. Jackson – said Steve Jobs was doing okay but what about all the people in industries tied to paper.

Sure technology has changed the use of various items and created job losses, but Jackson did not take in to account the numerous jobs it generates. iPads may be manufactured in China but the technology is American. Jackson is unaware that the majority of companies making apps for the platform are from the United States.

As Yahoo News notes: “Jackson’s misguided rant is a product of the confusion, particularly among lawmakers, that the global online community has created. The Internet has forever changed the way we can and will do business, and it’s a much larger issue than one company’s outsourcing activities or even the job market as a whole adjusting to the march of technology.

As President Obama has noted technology may be the future strength of the United States – while the manufacturing may be outsourced the creation of the technology and its applications largely come from the country’s entrepreneurial leaders.

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