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Google Buys Dodgeball
Webmaster World

“There’s a fortune to be made in the handheld market and this gets Google into your mobile phone. The potential for location based services is tremendous. If Google knows where people are, then it can do crazy stuff like serving location-sensitive ads direct to the phone.”

Yahoo-FindWhat Patent Lawsuit Ends In Mistrial
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The patent lawsuit between FindWhat and Yahoo over paid listings ends in a mistrial. What happens now?”

It’s the SEO that Counts, Not User Centered Design
Cre8asite Forums

“Why is user centered design vs SEO [search engine optimization” a bone of contention at all? What would a high SERP [search engine results page placement” be without a decent destination? What would a fabulous destination be without visibility? Jeez…. What a lot of argumentative whining goes on over SEO!”

Evolution of Latin American Search Engine Industry
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Looking for some insight into the ‘globalization’ and ‘structural’ make up of the search engine industry in Latin America? This thread covers many topics about strategies and challenges that major U.S. search engines will encounter.”

Will There Be An SEO Crash
High Rankings Forum

“Do you see an SEO Crash similar to the dot com crash? Yes, it’s great for now, and we’re all riding a nice big wave, but is this wave going to hit shore – and when?”

More AdSense Ad Units = Less Money?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The best ads will appear in the ad unit that appears first in the HTML code, regardless of where it appears on the page itself. So if you are running multiple ad units, you will want the unit with the best CTR [click through rate” to appear first in your HTML code.”

Changing the Focus From Rankings
High Rankings Forum

“It is a real balancing act to meet their perceived need of rankings and at the same time convince them of what constitutes actual success.”

How Much To Charge? First “Real” Gig
High Rankings Forum

“Divide your project in reasonable parts and put prices to it. …$10,000 sounds a lot more then 2275 + 3445+ 3760 + 2240 ( but it isn’t)…”

Tableless CSS and Drop In Rankings
Virtual Promote Forums

“I redid the site using tableless css. The content remained identical. I arranged the order of the code so that menus etc went near the bottom and the main content was at the top. …Now my search results have me on page 3 instead on steadily on page one… I cannot figure it out.”

Copy For Conversion… Emotion Or Logic?
High Rankings Forum

“Don’t mistake ’emotion’ for ‘hype.’ They are NOT the same thing. Everybody has an emotional level. Your job, as a copywriter, is to discover what your customer’s is.”

#1 Ranking A Business Asset? How much is it worth?
High Rankings Forum

“But if it changes hands, I wonder if Google will remove the ranking? This will be interesting to watch. Can you imagine…they pay that much for the ranking, and then Google removes it because of all the publicity!”

Optimal Way To Add Another Language To Site
High Rankings Forum

“After two years or so I have finally decided to add the English version to one of my sites. So, I’m trying to figure out whether I should put it into a subfolder (i.e. ) or set up a different subdomain (i.e. ).”

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Google’s First Shareholder Meeting Draws Small Crowd
Dow Jones May 13 2005 2:09AM GMT
Google and MSN Do China
Red Herring May 12 2005 10:51PM GMT
To Search or Not to Search: That is the Query
EContent May 12 2005 10:13PM GMT
Keyword Search Prices Surge May 12 2005 10:10PM GMT
RustySearch Hits 5,000 Rated Searches
Search Engine Round Table May 12 2005 7:44PM GMT
UK web archive — now online
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Jury Fails to Determine Validity of Yahoo Ad Tech Patent
ClickZ Today May 12 2005 7:06PM GMT
Major Search Engines Deliver Significantly Different Results
Information Week May 12 2005 6:45PM GMT
Can We Stop Zabasearch — and Similar Personal Information Search Engines?: When Data Democratization Verges o
FindLaw May 12 2005 4:30PM GMT
Looking for a browser download? Want a date?
Traffick May 12 2005 12:32PM GMT
Google Buys Into Ad-Supported Mobile Networking
ClickZ Today May 12 2005 7:14AM GMT

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