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Google to Open Up API to AdWords Customers
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Imagine when thousands of companies, programmers and script-kids start building cool stuff around the API – and promote it! What about the eCommerce site that spend 25k on building an automated connection between their best selling products and AdWords – do you think they are now less or more likely to drop AdWords?”

Google Hires a FireFox/Mozilla Developer
Webmaster World

“Maybe Google realizes they don’t need their own browser, they just need astounding integration with a free and open source browser that’s the best out there.”

AOL Expands Advertising Opportunities for Local Businesses
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Searchers are presented with text ads designed to match certain keyword queries, but rather than click on the ad to view a company’s Web site, they are given a phone number to call to contact the company.”

Tracking Code – Revisiting the # vs.? Question
High Rankings Forum

“Do you suspect substituting # for ? in order to affect link pop (assuming it’s possible) will likely be viewed as trickery in time?”

Google Adds Video Search
Webmaster World

“So where’s the video in this ‘video search’ stuff?”

Google Loses Trademark Dispute In France
High Rankings Forum

“Choice is good for the consumer. In the long run, no one wins by restricting that choice.”

Affiliate Links – Direct Or Re-direct
High Rankings Forum

“I am currently building an affiliate site and want to make sure that the affiliate links (leading to the merchant sites) don’t put off my visitors, or the search engines.”

Google’s Supplemental Index
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…there are ‘innocent’ ways your pages can get there e.g. if there are site related issues preventing Googlebot from spidering known indexed urls (which are recoverable); your pages can get there by deleting pages from your site (which won’t be recoverable – as you deleted the pages); and there are also possibly other reasons relating to Google removing the pages…..”

Google Now Allows More Than 10 Words Per Query
Webmaster World

“…this will be very useful for webmasters, academics and school teachers — anyone trying to research quotation of specific passages, potential plagiarism, etc.”

How Do You Compare Which Adword Converts Best?
Virtual Promote Forums

“Say you’ve got one product page and four adwords each leading to this product. How do you track which adword is converting best?”

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