A Compilation How-To Search Book Reviews

Want to be a professional searcher, or at least have the skills of a pro? These books show you how.

This is the final installment of a list of all search-related book reviews published in SearchDay. This particular list covers books about subject-specific searching. The first installment covered reviews of books about general web search tactics and techniques; the second covered reviews of search marketing and search engine optimization, and the third featured reviews of miscelaneous search technologies.

Subject Specific Searching

Building & Running a Successful Research Business, Mary Ellen Bates
The Skeptical Business Searcher, Robert Berkman
Super Searchers Cover the World, Mary Ellen Bates
Super Searchers Make it On Their Own, Suzanne Sabroski
Super Searchers on Madison Avenue, Grace Avellana Villamora
Super Searchers on Wall Street, Amelia Kassel

Reverse Chronological Listings

A Skeptic’s Guide to Internet Research
SearchDay, December 21, 2004

In this era of drive-by searching, when most people are satisfied with just about any ‘information’ that surfaces in a top ten result list, it’s refreshing to read a book by a professional researcher who’s an unabashed skeptic about virtually all sources of online information.

Sure, there’s a lot of great stuff online, but even the best sources of online business information can conceal traps for the unwary. Sometimes it takes more than a cursory examination to determine whether an information resource is reliable—even when you’re dealing with a source that you can almost always trust. The Skeptical Business Searcher by Robert Berkman is an excellent guide to sorting out the wheat from the chaff of business information.

Super Searchers on Madison Avenue
SearchDay, January 6, 2004

In the high pressure world of advertising, researchers need to be both good and fast. In the most recent addition to the Super Searcher series, some of Madison Avenue’s best information sleuths share their secrets.

Super Searchers on Madison Avenue, by Grace Avellana Villamora, profiles thirteen advertising researchers working at top international agencies such as TBWAChiatDay, Leo Burnett and Interpublic, revealing the search tactics that allow them to survive and thrive in this intense business.

How to Succeed as an Information Professional
SearchDay, May 14, 2003

Ever dreamed of being paid to search? A new book provides a comprehensive roadmap for turning your dream of being a professional searcher into a successful reality.

Building & Running a Successful Research Business is the latest outstanding book from the prolific Mary Ellen Bates. The book offers a detailed blueprint for establishing your own information research business, and is packed with practical tips and helpful suggestions gleaned from years of hard-earned experience.

A Dream Job: Getting Paid to Search
SearchDay, June 19, 2002

The tenth title in the popular Super Searcher series published by CyberAge books offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of people who are not only search experts, but successful entrepreneurs as well.

Super Searchers Make it On Their Own, by Suzanne Sabroski and edited by Reva Basch, provides a ton of useful information for anyone considering a career as an information professional outside of a corporate or institutional setting. The searchers profiled in this book specialize in ferreting out information in a wide range of fields, from aviation and health care industries to intellectual property and public records research, and more.

Super Searchers Cover the World
SearchDay, December 6, 2001

One of the greatest challenges searchers face is finding information about or in an unfamiliar country. In Super Searchers Cover the World, some of the world’s best international business researchers share tips, techniques and secrets that help you avoid being a stranger in a strange land.

Part of the Super Searchers series, this is Mary Ellen Bates’ second contribution to this valuable set of books. Bates herself is a highly regarded business researcher, and uses her own knowledge and information finding skills to craft fascinating and at the same time highly readable interviews with twenty expert online researchers.

Super Searchers on Wall Street
SearchDay, June 5, 2001

Researchers at brokerage houses, mutual funds, and investment banks have to answer tough questions every day. And perhaps more than in any other line of work, the results of their searching has enormous consequences. Good information will lead to happy investment results. Bad or incomplete information can lead to financial disaster.

So how do professional searchers on Wall Street get the kinds of results that benefit their employers? Amelia Kassel, in the book Super Searchers on Wall Street, interviewed ten professional financial researchers to learn about their methods and techniques. The book offers some fascinating insights into how these pros find, analyze, and interpret financial information.

Search Headlines

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