The Current Time, Around the World

Need to know what time it is in Ouagadougou? Wondering if your colleague on the other side of the planet is awake or asleep? No need to search for it: Timeticker displays the current time for dozens of countries throughout the world.

The web offers many sites where you can look up the current time, but Timeticker is my favorite because it’s the easiest to use and makes it a snap to compare the time in different zones throughout the world.

The site uses Flash to display a map of the world. By default, it displays Greenwich mean time (GMT). To see the time anywhere else in the world, just click the map, and the current time in that zone is instantly displayed. A sphere at the bottom of the map tells you the difference in hours between the zone you clicked and GMT.

Beneath the map are two scroll boxes. One displays a list of countries in the selected time zone. The other displays a complete list of all countries that can be located on the map. Both lists also show the capital city for each country, when appropriate.

Timeticker is a simple little utility, but one that’s quite useful if you need to check time differences on a regular basis. I use it both for my travels, and for scheduling briefings with companies located outside the U.S.

The only downside to the site are its obnoxious sounds. There’s a constant ticking sound, that fortunately can be turned off by clicking the “mute ticking” button. Unfortunately, whenever you click on a new time zone, another sound plays that has no muting button.

No problem — just mute the sound on your own PC before loading the site. The overall utility of this simple but useful site completely outweighs the irritation of its cutesy sounds.

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