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Amazon Launches A9 Search Engine
Webmaster World

“Users can view and edit past search results and sites they’ve visited by clicking on Search History on the A9 Toolbar or through an adjustable column on the main page. Site History tells users if and when they previously visited a listed site. Users can even search their own history, finding sites they have visited any time in the past.”

FindWhat Announces Pay-Per-Call Ad Option
Search Engine Watch Forums

“It’s great to see the integration of online search with an offline sales or support mechanism. This certainly provides the user with a more interactive (human being) environment to gather information.”

Keyphrase + Location
High Rankings Forum

“…when looking for keyphrases does Google really look for those phrases as a whole in your text (and/or inlinks) or just the separate words within the phrase (even if they aren’t right next to each other)?”

Beating the Sandbox Effect
Webmaster World

“The Sandbox exists, and it is full of cat dung. Google is currently making dmoz look like an Indy Car.”

Sitemaps On The Homepage
High Rankings Forum

“Is this helpful from an SEO [search engine optimization” perspective? Or, does it dilute link equity to every page? Is it spammy? From a navigational perspective, it could be useful for a user… But, I’m not convinced.”

When Your Host Toasts Your Domains
Webmaster World

“I have over 100 domains (belonging to clients and myself) hosted at what was perceived to be a good and reliable hosting company – however – suddenly every site on their server’s is ‘drying up’ in Google…”

Weight of keywords in anchor text
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Advice on how to measure the impact and relevancy of keyword anchor text.”

Optimizing An Annual Reports Page
High Rankings Forum

“My company is a publicly traded company and has many investment pages, analyst coverage pages; where 95% is all statistical information. I would think you would want every page to be an entry page, but this might be an example where you would not… Any thoughts?”

Jeeves goes to the Himalayas
Webmaster World

“This is the kind of marketing potential you have when you have a strong brand. If Ask Jeeves was ‘’ they couldn’t do something neat like this.”

How to boot someone out of Google
Webmaster World

“…they’ve [Google” apparently known about it for ages (going by other posts and webmasters who’ve complained). Why haven’t they done anything about it? We know their penchance for automated solutions over hand editing but considering that it’s BIG problem surely they’d have found an automated solution with some alacrity?”

Danny Sullivan leaves SEMPO
Search Engine Watch Forums

“SEMPO [Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization” will survive and thrive not because I’m involved, Chris is involved, Overture is involved, Jupiter is involved, Google is involved or any individual person or company, in my opinion. SEMPO will survive if its members want it to survive.”

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AP via Yahoo Sep 17 2004 4:08AM GMT
SEM Budget Multipliers, Part 2
ClickZ Today Sep 17 2004 3:49AM GMT
Googlewhacking ‘winners’ net online fame
Indianapolis Star Sep 17 2004 1:21AM GMT
To the next level with Google Groups 2
WebProNews Sep 16 2004 9:47PM GMT
Using hyperlinks as a search engine optimization tool
Pandia Sep 16 2004 8:59PM GMT
World’s Biggest News Site –
WebTalkGuys Radio Sep 16 2004 8:38PM GMT
Search Leads Travelers to Destinations
ClickZ Today Sep 16 2004 8:31PM GMT
David vs. Goliath… vs. Goliath: Blinkx and the Future of Search
Media Post Sep 16 2004 7:17PM GMT
Report: Behavioral Marketing Usage Up 60%
ClickZ Today Sep 16 2004 6:57PM GMT
FindWhat Inks Local Search Distribution Deal
ClickZ Today Sep 16 2004 6:49PM GMT
Google’s Gmail inspires imaginative ‘hacks’
New Scientist Sep 16 2004 3:40PM GMT
Price Comparison for Drugs Is Put on Federal Web Site
New York Times Sep 16 2004 2:43AM GMT

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