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Google Cloaking and Keyword Loading On Pages
Webmaster World

“Those pages were primarily intended for the Google Search Appliances that do site search on individual help center pages. …The issue is that in addition to being accessed via the internal site-search at each help center, these pages can be accessed by static links via the web. When the web-crawl Googlebot visits, the user support system thinks that it’s the Google Search Appliance (the code only checks for “Googlebot”) and adds these additional keywords.”

Load Balancing and Its Effects on Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Load balancing can be done in many ways. Some ways I have seen result in directing traffic to different URLs – for example www1, www2 and www3. This is a very bad strategy for search engines. However load balancing can also be done so the URLs stay the same and that’s what you should do.”

Validity of Overture & WordTracker Numbers
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I have warned many in the industry not to mix and match metrics from different databases to come up with a new metric…”

Changing Domains To Be Re-included In Yahoo
High Rankings Forum

“Today, I came up with the idea of transferring my files to a new domain. I figured that Yahoo has me banned based on my domain, if i switch domains, I should appear in Yahoo again.”

Google is Now Asking for a Code if You Use a Rank Checker
Webmaster World

“I just ran a rank checker and I get a Google page telling me I have a virus and that I can’t search until I put in a code that is in a picture on the page. I ran it last night and this morning and many other times for over a year and never got that. Is this new?”

The Best CSS Book You Ever Bought?
Cre8asite Forums

“I need to learn more CSS [Cascading Style Sheets” and as useful as all the various online guides and tutorials have been, I prefer learning from books.”

Google Adds Weather Feature
Webmaster World

“Weather, news, sports, flight information, email, pictures, etc etc. Why would anyone ever leave Google? Why would we let them use our content as bait?”

Obnoxious Cloaking Scam
Search Engine Watch Forum

“The scam is perpetrated by a hosting company on its hosting clients. When a search engine spider, such as Googlebot, requests a client’s page, the host adds a bunch of links to the page that is returned. The client has no idea that it happens. The links are mostly to the host site’s pages, and are added for the link text benefit…”

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Browser Wars: Will Firefox Burn Explorer?
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ZDNet Mar 11 2005 5:42AM GMT
Blogs and Search Marketing
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Dex offers companies greater Web visibility
Denver Post Mar 10 2005 5:57PM GMT
Next big step for the Web–or a detour?
CNET Mar 10 2005 5:54PM GMT
BT Yahoo Portal Revamped
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Search Engines Build a Better Mousetrap
New York Times Mar 10 2005 5:46PM GMT
IT revs up search engines
Network World Fusion Mar 10 2005 5:35PM GMT
Click Fraud: Problem and Paranoia
Wired News Mar 10 2005 5:19PM GMT
Search Industry Facing Evolution
E-Commerce Times Mar 10 2005 5:13PM GMT
Google doodler
Chicago Tribune Mar 10 2005 4:44PM GMT
Yahoo Beefs Up Small Business Section
Media Post Mar 10 2005 4:40PM GMT

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