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Benefits of a CSS-Driven Site
High Rankings Forum
“The additional plus is page weight. A CSS page can skinny down up to 60% compared to a traditional HTML mark-up page. This is harder to quantify, but pages load faster and less bandwidth is used. Now for the other side of the coin, CSS-rendered sites are tricky to develop in a way that will display consistently across all browsers and resolutions.”

Cautionary Tale — Someone Else Used My AdSense ID
Webmaster World
“If Google is not checking for this kind of exploit, does it mean that their knowledge of the extent this kind of activity is not truly known? And if Google is not truly aware of the extent of these occurrences, how many innocent publishers may have lost their accounts due to this kind of event?”

Interdisciplinary Research And The Future Of SEO
Cre8asite Forums
“Marketers study people, perhaps not in the same sense that a scientist studies people, but probably more in the sense that an artist or writer studies people. There is a craft to it, to be sure, but it is still more art than science.”

How Do Search Engine Robots Work?
Webmaster World
“Some questions to ponder…Do robots accept cookies? What happens if my site forces a cookie? Do robots execute JavaScript functions?”

Large Website File Structure — What’s Best For SE’s?
High Rankings Forum
“In a linked list, an entry is an entry is an entry. So, yes, directories are the same as files. Whether your directory holds 10K files or 10K sub-directories, the effects on (in)efficiency are the same.”

SEO: Art, Science, B****cks Or What?
Cre8asite Forums
“Truth is, I could probably train a monkey to do “textbook SEO” in an afternoon. What seems to have gone without any mention at all in the ongoing debate, however, is the real science behind search. And that, believe me, is very much akin to rocket science.”

Technical Words and Clear Thinking about Google
Webmaster World
“A thread about commonly misunderstood search-related words and fuzzily understood technical concepts.”

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