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Is SEO Getting More Gray?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“So what do you think? White hat winning? Black hat winning? More gray? Note I’m trying not to start a big ethics debate but rather a sense of where things are going.”

Zero Cash, A Little Talent and 30 Days
Small Business Ideas Forum

“The point I need to make again is the lack of money involved here. There’s a big difference between what someone can do with cash to pay for hosting, for marketing, for web analysis and so on. I’ll be working without many of those advantages, using only what I can get for free.”

Urchin Now Google Analytics, Now Free
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google has now re-branded Urchin to Google Analytics presenting users with better ways to ‘understand and influence visitor behavior and generate a higher ROI [return on investment” on marketing initiatives’.”

Google Sitemaps – Updated
Webmaster World

“There are new ‘query stats’ that show top Google search queries that return pages from a site. It also shows the top search queries that drove users to click on a site. Crawl errors: Will now show, for example, specific HTTP errors Googlebot runs into when crawling a page.”

Do I Really Have To Wait 9-12 Months
High Rankings Forum

“This doesn’t affect Yahoo, MSN or Ask Jeeves so you can still gain traffic from them. As for Google, start an AdWords campaign in the meantime and at least you can gleam some traffic from the 20% or so amount of searchers that click on paid listings until your site begins to position better in the organic results.”

Google Help with Advertising Creatives
Cre8asite Forums

“This patent application seems to be all over the media the last few days. If you’ve seen reference to something called the Google Automat, this is the patent application that describes it.”

A Positive Step Forward In Link Strategies: Part Deux!
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Over the past several weeks we’ve implemented a new evolution of this linking strategy, which has performed quite well in our initial testing.”

Reciprocal Sitewide Links
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Their website has 5000 pages. Although it looks like a great way to boost link popularity, I think it may be looked upon unfavourably by Google as it is too many links too quick. Does anyone have any idea about the issues related to this?”

Who You Gonna Ask?
Search Engine Forums

“Good from a search standpoint, but traffic is key. Will they buy it? No signs yet. I don’t think they will gain market share thru better search, unless it is mind numbing better … and I don’t see that on the horizon.”

Google Base Opens To Submissions
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google Base, Google’s super database that anyone can submit to, has gone live.”

Huge Recommended Daily AdWords Budget – No Impressions
Search Engine Forums

“I posted this because it is one of a number of issues that isn’t obvious at all when you run into it – even if you do PPC [pay per click” for a living. A new advertiser has virtually no way to know what is going on when they first see this scenario.”

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Google Print is Renamed Google Book Search
Search Engine Watch Nov 17 2005 9:52PM GMT
U.S. Congress Info Site and Search Tool ‘THOMAS’ Receives Upgrade
Search Engine Watch Nov 17 2005 9:50PM GMT
Courting Clicks Nov 17 2005 3:06PM GMT
Shoppers Shift to Online
ClickZ Today Nov 17 2005 3:02PM GMT
Top Web Sites Build Up Ad Backlog, Raise Rates
Wall Street Journal (Free) Nov 17 2005 2:55PM GMT
Google Sitemaps Expands To Give Query & Indexing Stats!
Search Engine Watch Nov 17 2005 2:45PM GMT
Eurekster Launches Community-Powered Search ‘Swickis’
Search Engine Watch Nov 17 2005 2:44PM GMT
Hitwise: Recipe Searches Surge
Media Daily News Nov 17 2005 2:38PM GMT
Bumpy start for Google analytics giveaway
CNET Nov 17 2005 2:36PM GMT
Coffee With Google’s Matt Cutts
Search Engine Round Table Nov 17 2005 2:35PM GMT
Organic Search Rankings on the Move, or Pink Hats Meet Green Hats
Traffick Nov 17 2005 2:33PM GMT
New website lists certified Google ad partners
Netimperative Nov 17 2005 2:11PM GMT
Chinese Internet star vows to beat Google
AFP via Yahoo Nov 17 2005 1:09PM GMT
Woophy Gathers Photography from Around the World
ResearchBuzz Nov 16 2005 4:30PM GMT
‘Kill Bill’s Browser’ Site Aims To Cash In On Google’s Bounty
TechWeb Nov 16 2005 4:27PM GMT

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