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Differences In Bid Costs?
Virtual Promote Forums

“I’m wondering if there is a difference in cost per click if you are bidding on keywords in a national/international campaign vs. regional/local campaigns.”

June 2005 MSN Search Update & Neural Net Tech
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Yes, MSN results have been changing — and MSN says they’ve improved due to new neural network technology.”

High Rankings Forum

“Do you advertise solely on the web through search engines, or would you advertise elsewhere – eg newspapers, flyers etc…?”

If a Googler Offers you a Bookmark Manager, Punch Him
Cre8asite Forums

“It wasn’t until I read this patent application that it really struck me why I wouldn’t want Google to have its own browser.”

Adwords Algorithmic Changes
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Sometime in mid to late April (from the 18th – 26th), it appears that Google made some changes to the Adwords algorithms. Now, it appears that Google utilizes the CTR for an ad copy group as opposed to leveraging the CTR for a specific keyword.”

Benefits Of A Totally CSS Driven Site
High Rankings Forum

“Unless you are just bound and determined to have the cool factor of an all-CSS layout, I find a combination of tables and CSS gives the most consistent display while removing a lot of the redundant code.”

MSN Debuts Local Search
Webmaster World

“Microsoft’s MSN has entered the local search war, debuting a beta product that incorporates city- and region-specific White and Yellow Pages business listings. The site also maps businesses and incorporates some locally targeted paid listings.”

Yahoo Launching New Search Index
Search Engine Watch Forums

“It’s been blogged, therefore it’s real news – Tim Mayer announced that Yahoo will be rolling out an updated and larger search index tonight.”

Google Plans Payment Service To Rival PayPal
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…in the case of Google, if they do it, it will catch on because it will be standard enough that a lot of people will have accounts. It shouldn’t be that much extra hassle to sign up, and probably this would also be used in future to pay for ecommerce purchases or Google services, similar to Yahoo Wallet. The interesting question then is how will Yahoo respond to this trend?”

Google Adwords vs. Yahoo Search
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Is it typical to see such dramatic differences in the two PPC services? Why? Suggestions as to what we could or should do?”

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Beware the Google Threat
Wired News Jun 23 2005 10:53PM GMT
Search Legend Louis Monier Moves from eBay to Google
Searchblog Jun 23 2005 10:50PM GMT
Joe Kraus Could Have Been as Big as Sergey and Larry
BBC Jun 23 2005 3:58PM GMT
Search Study Offers Marketers Tidbits
ClickZ Today Jun 23 2005 3:54PM GMT
Hawk on Image Search and Photo Sites
Searchblog Jun 23 2005 3:26PM GMT
Out of site, out of mind
The Guardian Jun 23 2005 3:22PM GMT
WebmasterWorld Search & Marketing Conference Recap: Day 2
Search Engine Watch Jun 23 2005 3:21PM GMT
No Search Is an Island
CMO Magazine Jun 23 2005 3:19PM GMT
Marketers Scan Blogs For Brand Insights
Wall Street Journal Jun 23 2005 3:14PM GMT
MSN Adds Direct Answers With Sports Info
Search Engine Watch Jun 23 2005 12:38PM GMT
AOL takes bold step: Content’s now free
USA Today (via Yahoo News) Jun 23 2005 12:23PM GMT
Interview: Jerry Yang
The Guardian Jun 23 2005 12:15PM GMT
AOL and Google reposition to rival portals
New Media Age Jun 23 2005 10:56AM GMT
eBay Techie Heads to Google to Soup up Froogle? Jun 23 2005 9:54AM GMT
The Magic of Seeing Your Search Ad
ClickZ Today Jun 23 2005 1:50AM GMT

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