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Marshall Simmonds, the NYTimes & Acceptable Cloaking
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Comments on this interesting SearchDay article that profiles the NY Times rise to SEO success.”

What Are The 200 Signals Google Uses To Rank Pages?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Join the debate over the true number of ranking factors in the search engine algorithms.”

Too Many Visitors Leaving From Home Page
High Rankings Forum

“I noticed that over 70% of visitors to my site are leaving from the home page. Also, a good portion of those are either typing in my URL directly or searching for my company name. Does anyone out there know of a tool that will help me figure out why so many visitors are leaving my site from the home page?”

Google Testing Plus and Minus Sign to Expand/Contract Site Results
Webmaster World

“…some sites have a + sign next to the site title and if you click it a search box appears under the snippet and url of that site.”

Google’s Personalised Search
High Rankings Forum

“…anyone using personalised search and checking their search terms rankings look out for personalised rankings, you might need to put the bubbly back on ice.”

CMS and SEO – An Unhappy Relation
Webmaster World

“…is there any system anywhere that writes clean compact code with styles left to external style sheets and no funny scripting? I have been looking around, but found none.”

Strategy for Domains In Multiple Languages
Search Engine Watch Forums

“What’s the best procedure for having website translated into different languages? Country specific domains or subfolders for different countries?”

Google GBuy, Set for Release 28th June
Webmaster World

“Consumers using GBuy, which is set for release on June 28, will be taken off the merchant’s site to complete the payment.”

Survival Chances With AdWords – What’s Your Conversion Rate?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“… is a .3% conversion rate a tough hill to climb based on higher priced retail items? Or is that a very low goal and I should be able to achieve it even if my strategy isn’t quite perfect?”

Is There Really a Google Sandbox?
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Anyone that’s spent some time in a search related discussion forum knows what a popular topic the sandbox is for debate and a great deal of the search community accepts the concept as fact. Guess what? They’re wrong.”

Yahoo Altering Webmaster Content?
Webmaster World

“..Yahoo images…is now embedding a little known tag called security=”restricted” on a frame which disables all javascript in IE, disabling any AdWords or banners…”

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