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Should Search Engines Censor Suicide Searches?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Should search engines be adding warnings for searches on suicide? Adding links to suicide prevention sites? Censoring sites that promote suicide? Or should it be hands-off of search results?”

Google Partnering With Comcast to Get AOL
Webmaster World

“If ever MS wanted a prod in the ear with a big stick, this is it. Will be very interesting to see if the sleeping giant wakes up and (finally) pounces. …The Internet has once again become an exciting and evolving place.”

Microsoft and Yahoo to Link IM Services?
Webmaster World

“It’s the advertising potential on users desktops that is the real global opportunity for the IM networks.”

A Positive Step Forward in Link Strategies
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…when you write articles, you are publicizing your website. That’s great free publicity. Even if PageRank disappeared tomorrow, you would still have good information out there, people may naturally link to your good information and you would be publicizing your website. Link popularity is merely a portion of the whole picture.”

Seeking Strategies for Localization
High Rankings Forum

“…what if a business covers 30-40 towns spread across two or three counties, where they cover perhaps half or less of each county? Searchers might search for them under the searcher’s home town name, under the county name, or perhaps under the state … that’s a lot of keywords to cover.”

Reputable SEO Companies
Search Engine Watch Forums

“How do you know which SEO/SEM to trust? Members offer advice and tips in this thread.”

Debunking the “too many links at once” Myth

“It a common thing around forums…. someone speculates or guesses in one forum about something and there might be some discussion about it – someone picks up on it and posts it as a fact in another forum and the myth is born.”

Google’s New Webmaster Guidelines
High Rankings Forum

“Unless I’m crazy/asleep/etc, Google has very recently re-done it’s webmaster guidelines … Actually, they look way more helpful than they used to. An interesting read.”

Yahoo News Adds Blogs to Results Set
Webmaster World

“This is still in beta, and it looks like Yahoo still needs to work on it. Nevertheless, people who like discovering new sources of information might find interest in playing around with it. On the Yahoo News page, there’s a drop down for News & Blogs, and just News, without blogs.”

AdWords Now Allows Targeting Ads To Sections Of A Site
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Now AdWords advertisers can make their ads appear on particular sections of web sites that carry AdSense.”

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Bloglines Announces Enhancements To Service
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Google’s Blogger service now accessible in China
InfoWorld Oct 13 2005 4:41PM GMT
New Search Engine Will Give Users Premium Content, For Free
BetaNews Oct 13 2005 4:33PM GMT
Big Hitters Said to Want Piece of AOL
New York Times Oct 13 2005 6:35AM GMT
Parents-to-Be, College Students Prefer Search Oct 12 2005 4:23PM GMT
Google expands business services
Netimperative Oct 12 2005 4:21PM GMT

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