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The Great SEO Myths of our Time
Search Engine Watch Forums

“People on SEO forums know about SEO [search engine optimization”…”

Let’s Test Hijacking A Google Listing
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…GoogleGuy says that while he hears of reports of this as a big problem, no one gives him examples. So what this thread hopefully will do is provide a public example that harms no one and demonstrates for all whether there’s indeed a problem that needs to be fixed or not.”

Internet Searches Getting Re-directed
Cre8asite Forums

“If you notice trouble getting to search sites or getting to some Internet sites or getting to the Internet at all, this is one more area to look at while debugging…”

Search Engines Offering SEO Services?
Best Practices Forums

“Am I seeing things or have a number of search engines and directories recently started offering SEO services? Notably Lycos Site Side Optimization and AskJeeves Interactive.”

PPCs Who Partner With Spam Search Engines
Virtual Promote Forums

“Even a very small pay to read site, with under 1,000 members, and only a dozen or so search ads per day, does a lot, to drive your ROI [return on investment” down, and there are literally hundreds of them out there in full operation, more springing up each day, to take the place of the ones that go under.”

Shopping Search Arrives as an Important Vertical
Search Engine Watch Forums

“According to market research firm Hitwise, the market share of visits to the top comparison shopping sites increased by 22% this year, taking this market share directly from the major general purpose search engines.”

Is Having A Yahoo Directory Listing A Hindrance?
High Rankings Forum

“Outside of the expense of $300/year, could someone please explain why having a Yahoo directory listing would be a hindrance?”

Google Not Reporting All Backlinks
Search Engine Watch Forum

“It’s worth noting that the new MSN Search does a very good job of showing backlinks. … Nice to know you can look this stuff up somewhere and get an accurate, current answer, anyway.”

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Minority Report: Apple, Google – and the power of rumour Dec 3 2004 1:42PM GMT
Mozilla unveils Thunderbird email app
Computer Weekly Dec 3 2004 1:35PM GMT
Google opens Tokyo research centre
Computer Weekly Dec 3 2004 1:19PM GMT
Search ads drive growth and debate in domain business
Computer Business Review Dec 3 2004 11:53AM GMT
Netscape prototype
ZDNet UK Dec 3 2004 11:38AM GMT
Desktop Search: The Ultimate Security Hole?
eWeek Dec 3 2004 3:21AM GMT
Google News gets its sights crossed
Sydney Morning Herald reg Dec 3 2004 0:51AM GMT
Vertical, Vertical, Vertical
Alan Meckler’s Weblog Dec 3 2004 0:32AM GMT
Search Beta Extensions
Microsoft Search Blog Dec 3 2004 0:19AM GMT
Tracking the Net
Red Herring Dec 3 2004 0:17AM GMT
Feedster Makes ‘MSN Spaces Only’ Search Available
Search Engine Watch Dec 3 2004 0:16AM GMT
Interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt
Fortun Dec 3 2004 0:14AM GMT
Creative Commons search engine in the new FireFox
Pandia Dec 2 2004 10:21AM GMT
Click-fraud plagues net ads
Netimperative Dec 2 2004 10:04AM GMT
Google to focus more on local searches Dec 2 2004 7:26AM GMT

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