Highlights from the SEW Blog: Dec 7, 2005

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Fathom: Keyword Prices Drop in November

New numbers from Fathom from this Media Daily News article: Keyword Prices Tumble, reports that in November keyword prices fell 11% from $1.64 per click to $1.46 per click.

November marked the second consecutive month of year-to-year declines in average keyword cost. In October, the price fell to $1.45 a click–a 6 percent drop from $1.55 in October of 2004.

The article includes two charts that look at prices mont-over-month and year-over year for eight categories.

Eric Schmidt Lays Out Google’s Ten Golden Rules

Well, it’s another day which means it’s time for another Google article in a major publication. Yesterday, I posted about John’s interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt in Business 2.0.

Today, it’s Eric Schmidt’s turn. Schmidt along with co-author, UC Berkeley professor, Hal Varian, have written: “Google’s Ten Golden Rules” for Newsweek. Google’s 10 Golden Rules are…

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Links to RSS Feeds and Podcasts from the U.S.Government

Here’s a quickie set of reference links for you. If you’re looking for RSS feeds and podcasts from U.S. Government, FirstGov offers a couple of useful directories with links to both types of material.

AOL Video Search Adds Slew of New Content

There is no doubt about it, AOL is playing hardball in the video search and the web video-on-demand business. Over the weekend I noticed a print ad for the service (I can’t remember the publication) and it seems like they’re constantly adding new content.

Today is one of those days. Word from Dulles, VA that AOL Video and MTV Networks (part of Viacom, also owners of CBS) are anouncing a partnership that will make video material available via AOL Video Search (beta) from numerous cable services. Content will be delivered to the AOL Video Search database via RSS feeds and will not be keyword or transcript searchable.

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Podscope Now Offering Keyword RSS Feeds

Today, Podscope is announcing that users can set up keyword-based RSS feeds and receive alerts when certain words are uttered in a podcast or another type of audio or video program.

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Fear of Google Continues as a Hot Topic

What might this holidays season’s most popular item and topic be for grown-ups be? A satellite radio? A new car with GPS? A trip to St. Barts? Nope, it just might be the fear of Google and what to do about it. I guess a company that does “no evil” and fear of that same “no evil” company are not the same thing.

Reuters (via News.com) has a lengthy look at how another group, in this case Madison Avenue advertisers, fear Google in the aritcle: Madison Avenue faces Google fears.

We’re reading articles like this on a very regular basis these days. Last week, we posted:

Today’s Reuters article includes the following takeaways…

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

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