Highlights from the SEW Blog: Mar. 16, 2006

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Using Search Engines For Test Taking – The School Library Journal has an article named “Cheating via Google?” The article explores the use of search engines in the classroom and during test taking. Some schools are allowing students to use a search engine to find information and answers while taking an exam in a classroom. While some schools do not allow “cheating with Google” many would allow students to use search engines for quizzes and take home tests (how would you stop them at home). Back in my day it was more about how advanced is your calculator, if it was too advanced, it was not allowed…

SEO Prospects And Clients From HellBen Pfeiffer wrote an article named “What To Do If Your The SEO Client Nobody Wants?” I believe that most of the SEOs and SEMs involved in the search community can relate to this article. Ben explains how there are those prospects that call from SEO to SEO asking for advice. He names these type of people “pseudo SEO clients,” because they are not willing to pay for advice. Instead they “shop around” from SEO to SEO, asking SEOs what they would do to improve their rankings. I have seen this time and time again with many “pseudo SEO clients.”…

No Credit Card Merchant Account? No Problem! How I Can Now Get Paid With Google Payments – Google is now allowing select Google Base users to use Google Payments as a substitute to a merchant account. The best way to describe Google Payments is calling it a PayPal alternative. I have been accepted to allow accept funds at Google Base with Google Payments. The set up was fairly easy, even thought I am not 100% done with the final verification of my bank account. I have wrote two articles on the process, the first is named Accepted by Google Base to Sell Through Google Payments, which describes how I set up my Google Base account to allow…

SEM Salaries Revisited – ClickZ has a nice two part article, the second part being on SEM Salaries. The article shows that an entry-level SEM position salary can range from $30,000 to $45,000 or about $10 per hour for part-time help. If you have about three to five years of experience, you can expect to earn from $50,000 to $75,000. The article says that those SEMs with more tenure and are “expert-level” can earn $75,000 to $90,000 a year. Senior managers can earn $70,000 to $120,000, SEM Directors should expect $95,000 to $150,000 and VP level positions should demand $100,000 to $200,000 a year….

Microsoft Begins Testing Advertising In Live Products – Microsoft has announced advertising will be added to a variety of their Live products, including Office Live, Windows Live Mail and most notably, MSN Spaces. Twenty beta advertisers are included in the initial advertising launch offering a variety of creatives….

Judge: Google Must Give Up Some Data To Department Of Justice – Google will be required to hand over some information requested by the US Department Of Justice. The DOJ has now asked for a much smaller set of data than it originally sought. It wants 50,000 URLs selected randomly from the Google index and 5,000 random search requests….

Getting Relisted In The Shopping Search Engines Too Easy? – Thomas Hawk has been following an online retailer named PriceRitePhoto that has been allegedly ripping off its customers. Thomas reports that even though PriceRitePhoto has been delisted after its abusive bait and switch tactics, it has been re-listed at both Yahoo Shopping, PriceGrabber and MSN Shopping. Thomas is upset with these shopping search engines for not screening past fraudulent retailers more closely. He notes that he has received a response from Yahoo that they will remove this retailer once again for being in “violation of Yahoo’s Terms of Service.” He has not heard from PriceGrabber or MSN as of yet….

Memorandum Launches WeSmirch Gossip Tracker – I love Memeorandum’s tech page, which consolidates breaking tech news stories in an easy to digest manner. Now Memeorandum’s technology is powering the new site WeSmirch, which gives you gossip in an orderly fashion. Hey, Charlize Theron is single again! Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want pity! Isaac Hayes is quitting South Park! By the way, WeSmirch remains a proud member of the Memorandum family. It just doesn’t use that domain because, “celebritygossip.memeorandum.com is just too awesome a name for the world to handle at this time,” says the service….

25 Things I Hate About Google – Google’s purchase of Writely sort of drove me over the edge last week. When I saw the news confirmed, I exclaimed out loud to myself, “Oh, give me a break.” A break from what, freakishly talking to myself? No, a break from Google going in yet another direction when there is so much stuff they haven’t finished, gotten right or need to fix. Honestly, if Google wants to be as “ubiquitous as brushing your teeth” (see here from October and here earlier this month), then they need to make sure the Google toothpaste tastes good or that you can squeeze…

25 Things I Love About Google – Love, hate. Love, hate. When it comes to Google, I did the “hate” side of my love/hate relationship over in my 25 Things I Hate About Google article. In this article, I’m all about the love. How do I love Google? Let me count the 25 ways into my heart:…

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