Highlights from the SEW Blog: Aug 11, 2005

Featured posts from the Search Engine Watch blog, as well as our customary search headlines from around the web. If you’re not familiar with our blog, click on any of the links below, or visit the blog’s home page at http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/.

Session Summaries from Search Engine Strategies

Day three of Search Engine Strategies has just ended and Rustybrick, Phoenix and others continue to do a great job posting detailed session summaries in the SEW Forums.

You’ll find direct links to all of the summaries, here.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll find:




Google’s Matt Cutts Launches Blog

Google software engineer Matt Cutts is well known to our readers, attendees of our SES shows to those who read up on search issues everywhere. Matt’s now launched a new blog where he’s sharing stories of being on the front lines of Google indexing and quality control issues, among other topics.

Google Improves Wildcard Matching


Word on the Google Blog that they’ve improved the underlying algorithm used with their wildcard (*) search operator.

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Yahoo Prepares for LinkSpots Launch; Google Considers Expanding Site Exclusions and Testing More “Signals” From Advertisers

DMNews.com has two stories each with comments from Google and Yahoo about new contextual ad services either coming soon or in testing.

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Get Google News Search Results as RSS or ATOM Feeds

Google has just joined many news engines (Topix.net, Findory, Yahoo News, RocketNews, and others) and is now officially making Google News search results available as RSS or ATOM feeds. You’re also able to create feeds from customized Google News pages as well as various Google News sections (business, technology, etc.). Google’s email-based alerts remain available.

You’ll find the details, examples, and terms of use here.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Vivisimo affiliate search engine for small and medium-sized portals
Pandia Aug 11 2005 7:56AM GMT
Google Still Dominates Internet Search, but Yahoo Leads in Local Search, Says Hitwise
Tekrati Aug 11 2005 7:07AM GMT
Google beats Microsoft’s top geeks
The Inquirer Aug 11 2005 6:55AM GMT
Setting up Auto-Discovery of Podcasts By Keyword
ResearchBuzz Aug 11 2005 3:19AM GMT
MSN to Launch Paid Ad Test in October
dmnews.com Aug 11 2005 1:30AM GMT
Make Blogs, RSS Feeds Unique, Speakers Say
dmnews.com Aug 11 2005 1:29AM GMT
Search Engine Strategies Session Summary: Search Engine Q&A On Links
Search Engine Watch Aug 11 2005 1:18AM GMT
Bring some ‘bling’ to your Web site
CNET News.com Aug 11 2005 12:58AM GMT
Doing a Vertical Search
Internet News Aug 10 2005 3:44PM GMT
SearchTHIS: Search Engine Strategies
iMedia Connection Aug 10 2005 3:20PM GMT
Google Posts New Total Size Number for Google Images
Search Engine Watch Aug 10 2005 3:09PM GMT
Yahoo launches pay-per-call service
Netimperative Aug 10 2005 3:07PM GMT
LookSmart Unveils Vertical Education Site
Media Post Aug 10 2005 3:06PM GMT
Yahoo’s Claim To Largest Search Index Draws Mixed Reactions
Media Post Aug 10 2005 3:04PM GMT
Google Now Shooting Better Blanks
Search Engine Lowdown Aug 10 2005 3:01PM GMT

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