Google Unveils News Alert Service, Related Searches In AdSense

Need to look up an address, postal code, place name or similar information? Forget search engines — this one-stop source provides free access to lookup databases.

The Lookup Directory from Melissa Data provides a first-rate collection of 18 look-up databases, accessible from a single page. All of these tools are available for free!

Specialized databases like these can save you large amounts of time versus using a general web engine to search, and search, and search and hope to find an answer.

For example, if you wanted to find telephone exchanges within a certain radius of a zip code you would have to do several searches with a general web engine. Talk about a time consuming, potentially error-prone process! Even if you were able to compile the information you were looking for, you would still need to take time to format the list.

Fortunately, one of the databases in the Lookup Directory is built for this specific information need. By searching the Area Codes in a Radius database, you get the information you need one or two seconds.

A Rundown of the Databases

These descriptions come directly from the Lookup Directory. All of these tools are accessible from the directory’s home page.

Lookup ZIP Codes, city names, the location of phone numbers or the cities covered by an area codes.

Phone Numbers
Enter a phone number or area code and get city, state, county, time zone and more.

Street Name

Enter any street name in the U.S. and get a listing of which states and cities have the street name. Even displays local street address detail.

U.S. Place Names

Get location information on over 1,000,000 geographic places including lakes, streams, populated areas, schools, churches and more.

Worldwide Place Names

Get location information on over 5,000,000 geographic names worldwide

2000 Demographics

Gain access to the latest data available on 46,455 counties, states, cities and places in the U.S.

Income Tax Statistics

Income tax information by ZIP Code. Includes average AGI, number of returns, average refund, filing status, age and more.

U.S. Addresses

Lookup any U.S. address and get the ZIP+4 code, area code, time zone, county, address type, street detail and more.

Canadian Addresses

Lookup any Canadian address and get the Postal Code, time zone and area code.

SIC Code

Get business counts by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code and descriptions of SIC codes.

Occupants by ZIP

Generate a count of occupant delivery addresses by ZIP Code. Order your Occupant list online.

ZIP Distance

Displays the distance between any two 5-digit ZIP Codes in the United States.

ZIPs in a Radius

Displays a listing of the ZIP Codes that fall within a radius.

Area Codes in a Radius

Displays a listing of the Area Code + Prefixes that fall within a radius.

Campaign Contributions

Individuals that have contributed $200 or more to federal campaigns by ZIP Code.

Nonprofit Organizations

Find important information on a nonprofit organization, including the address, revenue, assets, type of foundation or organization, deductibility status, and main activities.

ZIP Codes by County

Obtain a list of the ZIP Codes in any county in the United States.

Nearest Post Office

Locate the 10 closest post offices to a ZIP Code that accept bulk mail.

Gary Price is the Guest Editor of SearchDay, and publisher of ResourceShelf, a weblog covering the online information industry.

Google’s AdSense Program Rolls Out New Features Google’s AdSense program is rolling out new features today. The program now lets publisher better customize how ads from Google appear on their web sites. A new “related searches” feature will also appear in ads, suggesting topics that are related to the ad a user is viewing. For example, an ad about computers might also have a “related searches” line suggesting “pc or macintosh” links to try. Related Searches may also take the place of ads, if Google has no particular ad to display. There are currently no plans to use the related searches technology on the Google site itself, though this is something the company says could be consider for the future. To learn more about Google AdSense, see the past SearchDay article, Google AdSense Expands Contextual Ad Placement Program To Small Sites.

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