Highlights from the SEW Blog: Jun 20, 2005

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Google MD? How Doctors Use Search

I’ve heard that doctors are often horrified that patients do a web search about problems, leading them to sometimes inaccurate information. Hey, I’ve done those types of searches myself. I’ve still felt better having some sense of what was going on. But the How Doctors Use Google blog post, spotted via Google Blogoscoped, was a refreshing twist covering how doctors make use of web search. How do I use Google? is referenced in that post and especially worth a further read on what one doctor does. More people consult Google over health is a recent article on the uptake in consulting Google (and probably other search engines, as well).

PageRank Decoder Offers Flash-Based Guestimates On Linking Impact

Want to understand how PageRank will build between pages you link? Only Google actually knows how that works. There’s been so much tinkering and tampering with what they do since the original PageRank formula was published years ago that using that equation to understand what happens today is like teaching sciences with a textbook that’s hundreds of years old.

Nevertheless, that’s all PageRank Decoder has to work with — the old formula. Spotted via Search Engine Roundtable, this Flash-based application lets you link between actual pages to guestimate (strong on the guess) how things might change. Further comments on the tool from Search Engine Roundtable and

For a nice, healthy and recent debate on how much we can really know about PageRank calculations, I recommend reading our Revisiting whether PR is lost when adding pages to a site thread on the Search Engine Watch Forums. For a reminder that it’s anchor text rather than PageRank to worry about, see the How Important Is Page Rank? thread. Other factors come into play, as well, as What Factors Other Than PR Determine Google Rank? covers.

C:> YubNub For “Command Line” Searching & Search Commands For the Majors

Honestly, I didn’t miss leaving behind the DOS command line and getting all GUI. But there are times when I’ll still dig out the command prompt window on Windows XP to do something quickly. New service YubNub harkens to give you a command line interface for search. Come up with your own command (it wasn’t working when I tried), and then anyone can make use of that on YubNub. For example:

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Click Fraud Roundup

Time for another clickfraud round-up. What have we got? Here we go, newest to oldest, all in one breath!

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Jeeves, others trashed for sponsored links
East Bay Business Journal Jun 20 2005 12:20PM GMT
Search Enngine Spammers Unite
ClickZ Today Jun 20 2005 12:15PM GMT
DoubleTrust Offers Yahoo / Google Result Mashup
ResearchBuzz Jun 20 2005 8:06AM GMT
Catching ‘Click Fraud’ Online
E-Commerce Times Jun 19 2005 12:05AM GMT
Wow My Alexa Ranking is Great! Should I Trust It?
SEO Book Jun 18 2005 11:45PM GMT
What Makes the Perfect SEO Firm?
Search Engine Guide Jun 18 2005 11:43PM GMT
C: YubNub For ‘Command Line’ Searching & Search Commands For the Majors
Search Engine Watch Jun 18 2005 11:41PM GMT
What Is Google, Anyway?
New York Times Jun 18 2005 11:40PM GMT
Don’t Search the Web…’Stumble’ the Web!
About Jun 18 2005 11:38PM GMT
Update on Tabs
msnsearch’s WebLog Jun 18 2005 11:36PM GMT
Privacy issues with Google library search
CNET News.com Jun 18 2005 11:32PM GMT
AdWords Site Targeting Option Launches
ClickZ Today Jun 18 2005 11:29PM GMT
Yahoo Exec: New Tech Site On The Way
Media Post Jun 18 2005 11:28PM GMT
Search Vs. Services
The Feature Jun 18 2005 11:25PM GMT
Google to Offer Payment Service To Compete With eBay’s PayPal
Wall Street Journal Jun 18 2005 11:24PM GMT
Yahoo and Google 2004 new revenues comparable with 10 largest newspaper publishers
ZDNet Jun 18 2005 12:04PM GMT

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