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Unofficial Google Subscribed Links List
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Danny Sullivan and others start showing off Google Co-Op Subscribed Links lists.”

Matt Cutts On Big Daddy: Major Message To SEOs
High Rankings Forum

“Matt Cutts’ Indexing Timeline blog post has finally let the cat out of the bag, I think.”

PPC Analytics Is Only Wishful Thinking
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“I am in a debate with someone who doesn’t believe search is any more accountable, measurable or effective as a marketing channel than traditional media like TV, radio and magazines. It’s a bit like arguing with someone who still believes the earth is flat. My only problem is that the arguments made aren’t that bad.”

Any Real Danger In Alt Tag Stuffing
V7N Forum

“Please keep in mind that visually impaired persons who use text readers count on Alt Tags to browse websites. They are not just an SEO [search engine optimization” tool and have considerable meaning to many people.”

Yahoo – Where to Start with Link SEO
Webmaster World

“There’s lots of ways to get more links. All the good ones involve work, but stick at it and it can be done…”

Inbound Linking Experiment
High Rankings Forum

“How do I measure the success of my inbound link strategy, and prove to my boss it is worth investing time?”

Why Does Ask Not Run a PPC [Pay Per Click” Campaign
Webmaster World

“Overture shows 669,855 searches for ‘search engine’ and Ask doesn’t even show up in the top-30 organic results on Google.”

Open Letter of Frustration to SEO “Professionals”
Search Engine Watch Forums

“How difficult is it really to find a good match between SEM [search engine marketing” vendors and clients? What can you do as a SEM professional or the company requesting help to make it easier? The saga continues…”

SEM Resources Stretched Too Thin
Search Engine Watch Forums

“An interesting article from eMarketer reports the results of a study from iProspect and Jupiter Research, that says SEM professionals perform an average of five jobs in addition to basic SEM tasks.”

Will SERPS be pointless in the future?
Cre8asite Forums

“…your SERP’s will not be my SERPS and my SERPS will probably be way off the norm for any websites that I do SEO for. Google will know my habits and they will be heavily skewed in towards websites that I manage.”

Microsoft’s Ballmer: 5 years to catch Google, Yahoo
Webmaster World

“They have a major battle to gain market share, both with awareness and with search quality. However, products such as Live and alliances such as Amazon are decent first steps on the five year road.”

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A Conversation With Ask’s CEO, Jim Lanzone
Media Post May 18 2006 8:17PM GMT
Yahoo: ‘Searches more sophisticated and specific’
ZDNet May 18 2006 6:50PM GMT
Vinton Cerf Pushes Book Search
SearchViews May 18 2006 5:19PM GMT
Google eyes China’s mobile market
The Times May 18 2006 3:16PM GMT
Search Engines Need to Take Responsibility for Sponsored Links
eWeek May 18 2006 1:24PM GMT
Google search on Japanese cellphones
CNET Asia May 18 2006 12:54PM GMT
Unofficial Google Subscribed Links List
Search Engine Guide May 18 2006 2:20AM GMT
The real Google search: find a way to lock in all the users
Guardian Unlimited May 18 2006 12:54AM GMT
Alibaba CEO: EBay Is Beat In China; Baidu, Google Are Next May 18 2006 12:35AM GMT
Google, King of Ajax, Makes Ajax Tools Available
Information Week May 18 2006 12:02AM GMT
Google faces lawsuit in Belgium over Google Suggest
CNET May 17 2006 11:45PM GMT
Google faces criminal investigation in Brazil, report says
CNET May 17 2006 11:45PM GMT
Semel outlines Yahoo plans for catching Google
MSNBC May 17 2006 11:19PM GMT
Search Marketing Spotlight: Search is ‘Element’-al for Honda
Media Post May 17 2006 10:50PM GMT
Yahoo executives talk up growth in Internet advertising
San Jose Mercury News reg May 17 2006 10:20PM GMT

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