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What Are Hitbots?
Search Engine Watch Forum

“Current ones run automatically on a lot of different computers, sometimes owned by the clickbot owner in question, but more often by virus style ‘malware’ that turns the computer in question into a zombie. In short, they take over your computer and use it for their own purposes. Since this creates thousands of different computers with different IPs that have no obvious connection to the scumbag in question, they are much harder to detect.”

Google, IP Diversity and eBay
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Buying text links on eBay seems like a great way to diversify where my links are coming from. Prices are relatively inexpensive compared to brokers. In your opinion…, is this a practice that should be avoided or should I be bid happy and buy strong, diversified links like a madman?”

Newbie Needs Help With Use of Bold Type
High Rankings Forum

“There is possibly a benefit from an SEO [search engine optimization” stance to not make everything bold, but rather just the things that you want to emphasize. And, if someone is using a screen reader, and you are using < strong > to bold the words on your page, the screen reader may place more emphasis on the words on the page than maybe it should. With bold, I like to follow the simple rule that when you emphasize everything, you are really emphasizing nothing.”

Yahoo Subscription Search Service Opens
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Yahoo’s new program brings premium content from behind database and password protected areas into web search. What do you think? Will it help searchers and publishers alike?”

What Falls Into the Search Engine Marketing Category
High Rankings Forum

“I am creating a list of what is encompassed under the Search Engine Marketing umbrella. Here is my list, I am looking for feedback as to if I missed something or if something should not be in the list.”

How Will SEM Evolve to Other File Types and Devices?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“How do you see search engine marketing and SEO evolving to other file types (ie. video, music, print, etc…) and devices such as a mobile phone or other (tv maybe)?”

Google AdWords Site Target Enters Beta
Webmaster World

“The process is very easy. The first test I did went very smoothly. A few general topics, and Google picked very appropriate sites.”

Suggestions for the Ideal SEM/SEO RFP Guide
Search Engine Watch Forums

“When seeking a potential client it’s important to know as much as possible about them before actually forming a business relationship. This thread’s focus is for members to share suggestions for the ideal Request for Proposal [RFP” guide.”

The Future Business Model of PPC
High Rankings Forum

“…several other business models that started with a pay-per-use pricing model eventually changed to umbrella pricing to maximize revenue. …How might search engine advertising evolve in the future?”

The Most Exciting Year for Search Engines?
Cre8asite Forums

“Sorting through the patent applications that came out of the US Patent Office this week, I found the following applications with Apostolos Gerasoulis listed as one of the inventors…”

Google Certified Adwords Professional
Cre8asite Forums

“Does anyone know about how many SEM’s out their have been successful in attaining this certification. Also, I guess displaying this would be beneficial to your business if you manage ads for clients. Any comments?”

New AdSense Horizontal Ad Links
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I believe this is a particularly significant new feature, and will prove to be a step forward for, either product-oriented affiliate or ecommerce sites.”

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Google secrets to detecting spammer Web sites
CNET Jun 17 2005 2:05AM GMT
MSN Promotes Search Toolbar With Online Sweepstakes
Media Post Jun 16 2005 9:51PM GMT
SEM’s RFP (Request for Proposal) Guide
Search Engine Round Table Jun 16 2005 9:43PM GMT
Google and Yahoo Make List of Top Growth Brands
Mac News World Jun 16 2005 9:12PM GMT
Google Zeros In On Mobile Web
TechWeb Jun 16 2005 8:43PM GMT
Google founders invest in solar energy
CNET Jun 16 2005 7:38PM GMT
Google puts new spin on net ads
Sydney Morning Herald Jun 16 2005 7:37PM GMT
PageRank Decoder
Google Blogoscoped Jun 16 2005 7:35PM GMT
Q: Is Google AdWords the least expensive way to advertise affiliate programs?
Dear Kalena Search Engine Advice Column Jun 16 2005 4:50PM GMT
BlowSearch Tackles Click Fraud
Wired News Jun 16 2005 2:36PM GMT
Google gets permission to put up branch in China
Peoples Daily Online Jun 16 2005 2:34PM GMT
Google Playing Catch Up; Corrections for Stephanie Olsen
Jeremy Zawodny’s Blog Jun 16 2005 2:31PM GMT
An Introduction to PubSub
ResourceShelf Jun 16 2005 12:00PM GMT
Vertical Search: Fatlens Launches Ticket Search
Internet News Jun 16 2005 11:55AM GMT

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