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NYT calls Google Bombing a ‘campaign tactic’
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Can SEO really affect political campaigns during the upcoming elections in the US?”

Googling With Google Is Good, But Very Bad Elsewhere
Webmaster World
“Do you Google? Google tries to clarify the use of its trademark.”

Coming Soon: Yahoo Directory Tag, With ‘No’ Option
Webmaster World
“What do you think is the right approach a different tag or should the NOODP tag apply to both Yahoo Directory and ODP?” Wishlist Feature, Code to Use on Ecommerce Site?
High Rankings Forum
“Is it possible to put a link on my product pages saying something like ‘Click here to add this product to your Wishlist?’ What would it take to code something like this in a standard webpage?”

Digg It?
V7N Forum
“I am just wondering if it is really something a new website owner or novice should be worrying about. I don’t think they are likely to see any substantial results and there are probably other ways for them to learn how to build traffic.”

Did-it President Takes a Shot at SEO
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Oh no, he didn’t! Did-It President Dave Pasternack criticizes organic SEO efforts, saying it’s only a one-time task.”

What Does Your Holiday SEM Campaign Look Like?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“With Q4 about to kick into high gear, what are your plans and expectations for this year’s online holiday shopping season?”

Searchmash – A Google Operated Search Engine
Digital Point Forums
“Why would they do that? What is it for? Their search results are quite interesting and when you press ‘more web pages’ (search results) the page simply scrolls down. What do you think?”

Is the Web too Saturated to Make Significant Money with AdSense?
V7N Forums
“I have been thinking for a while that I would like try and see how well I can do as far as making money with Google AdSense or YPN. However, I don’t want to be just another made for AdSense site. My question is: Is it too late to try to get into this area and is it just not worthwhile?”

Google Q3 Profit Nearly Doubles
Webmaster World
“Google’s third-quarter profit nearly doubled from a year ago as sales of keyword-related advertising continued to grow for the world’s top Web search engine.”

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