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MSN Search Out of Beta Feb. 1
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I was told by a high level Microsoft employee that the beta search will go live on Feb 1. He also informed me that advertising on MSN will continue to be the two featured listings at the top and the Overture results through the end of the year.”

How To Get Inbound Links For An E-commerce Site
High Rankings Forum

“Ask your suppliers to link to you. Place a link request in all confirmation/thank you/shipping notification etc emails. These notifications are going to businesses/people who have purchased a product from you so they already like what you’re offering. Ask them for a link when they’re at their happiest with you!”

Duplicate Content Penalty Time Span
Search Engine Watch Forums

“A duplicate penalty time span is based on your offense. 1st Offense: 30 days, 2nd Offense: 60 days, 3rd Offense: 90 days…”

Fixing IE Security Risk Blocks AdSense
Webmaster World

“I just tried it myself, and setting the Internet security setting to HIGH does block AdSense. It completely blocks it, and the space the ad would normally occupy vanishes.”

Can Using htaccess Cause Search Engines To Not Count Visitors?
Virtual Promote Forums

“… is there some way using htaccess itself could be causing this major discrepancy [in reported traffic”? Also, if in fact that is the case does Google perhaps not count both impressions and clicks due to this issue?”

Desktop Search from Yahoo
Webmaster World

“The out of box experience has been pretty good so far. Looks like this might be the one we’ve been waiting for. I really like the indexing options.”

A Few Notes on AdSense Stats
Webmaster World

“…the closest you can get to a serious analysis of your figures is to look at them over the course of several days/weeks/months (and preferably excluding the last few days from your analysis). One method used to great effect by some members here is the rolling average…”

Are Two Sites Better Than One?
High Rankings Forum

“Would the product be better served to stand on its own, in its own website and domain? If I chose to keep my products tied to one website, can I still achieve high-rankings and traffic to my new product section? Would it really make a difference either way?”

SMA – What do you want it to do?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I’d like to open the thread to offer the community an opportunity to make suggestions as to what they would like to see the SMA [Search Marketing Association”, or a particular regional SMA do for the industry and it’s members.”

Title Attribute Control Test
Search Engine Watch

“Google states that 100 variables are considered for ordered rankings – If true is Title Attribute one or merely for usability – let’s find out.”

It’s Official : AdWords Policy Takes Aim at Affiliate Ads
Webmaster World

“I suspect that Google would like to see affiliate marketing revert to what it was intended to be in the early days–as a form of advertising, not as an end in itself. It isn’t in Google’s interest to promote ‘PPC [pay per click” arbitrage,’ just as it isn’t in Google’s interest to let networks of boilerplate affiliate sites dominate its SERPs [search engine results pages”.”

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Google Debuts Smaller Search For Smaller Businesses
Media Post Jan 14 2005 1:31PM GMT
Google legal chief slammed by SEC
Legal Week Jan 14 2005 1:14PM GMT
Google hacking expected to boom in 2005
ZDNet UK Jan 14 2005 9:46AM GMT
Dealing With Google’s New Affiliate-Linking Policy
ClickZ Today Jan 14 2005 4:38AM GMT
Effectiveness of SEO – Google’s Aging Delay
High Rankings Jan 14 2005 4:04AM GMT
Google Settles Case by S.E.C. Linked to Its Initial Offering
New York Times Jan 14 2005 4:03AM GMT
Steve Case looks back on AOL’s turbulent history
Industry Standard Jan 14 2005 3:58AM GMT
Shutterfly, Yahoo win photo-sharing bake-off Jan 14 2005 12:55AM GMT
LookSmart Warns, Shuffles Execs
ClickZ Today Jan 13 2005 11:32PM GMT
Apple vs. Google
PC Magazine Jan 13 2005 10:37PM GMT
Google begins recruiting in India
CNET Jan 13 2005 5:18PM GMT
EarthLink Adds X1 Search To E-mail Client
TechWeb Jan 13 2005 3:53PM GMT
Google News Boo-Boo
ResearchBuzz Jan 13 2005 3:49PM GMT
Deutsche Bank: Online Ad Spend Could Grow By 30 Percent In 2005
Media Post Jan 13 2005 3:48PM GMT
Is It Time for a Moratorium on Metadata? (PDF)
IEEE Computer Society Jan 13 2005 3:45PM GMT

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