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Microsoft’s Windows Live Search Opens; Bye-Bye MSN Search?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Microsoft has gained a second search site today, Windows Live Search, as the focus for consumers begins to shift away from MSN.”

Demographics Added to AdWords
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“Finally, Google chasing after MSN. Interesting turn of events.”

Is Cross-Device Compatibility Possible?
Cre8asite Forums

“I was hoping that it would be easy to ensure that my web pages could be viewed whatever device the visitor was using. I’m beginning to wonder whether that’s an impossible dream.”

Google buys
Webmaster World

“…how about ‘don’t use MS Word, but use our online service, where you can save, and access it from anywhere.’ This is very important to the future…”

It’s Illegal And Unethical And They Know It!
High Rankings Forum

“There is a huge wave of sites, companies, services and SEOs who all dedicate themselves to stealing (and, yes, that’s exactly what it is) the actual original content of authors and also the content of spidered web pages. This stolen content is then recycled into supposed “original content” that is reused on other sites.”

Click Fraud Issue Growing
High Rankings Forum

“One thing for sure is that the search engines are not going to look for you, they will do the easy ones, i.e. multiple clicks from same IP, and just hope you think that that is enough and you don’t mind too much being ripped off for the rest.”

Google Near $90m Settlement In Net’s First Click Fraud Suit
Webmaster World

“Too bad they agreed to settle. I would be interested in knowing what safeguards are actually in place to prevent click fraud and how effective they are, along with any technical solutions which could be enforced upon companies running PPC [pay per click” advertising to prevent fraud. This info. could have come out in court proceedings. The settlement is an easy out to not have to divulge the vulnerabilities in online PPC advertising.”

Search Security Strategies
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Too many site owners fail to realize that they are making private information available to those who know how to search for it. Discover how people may be locating that info as a way to help ensure you get it off the web.”

Paid Links, Hosted Doorway Pages Back At Stanford Daily
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Less than a year after the Stanford Daily decided selling links and hosting third party doorway pages was a bad idea, they’ve returned — and at least one ranks pretty well.”

MSN AdCenter Primer for New Users
Webmaster World

“Keep in mind AdCenter is a beta and they do want your business and feedback. Please follow-up with any pointers you may be able to add to this for the AdCenter newbies.”

Google Adwords Rules of Thumb
Webmaster World

“I’m putting together a doc for rules of thumb (or general guidelines) for AdWords PPC based on my experiences, and I’m also interested in others’ input. Things such as ad copy, bidding, etc.”

To Sell Aged Sites or Not
v7n Forum

“I am thinking of selling the ones I don’t bother with so they’re not always there in the back of my mind yelling ‘update me!’ On the other hand, I’ve been told to never sell my sites, older domains have value…”

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